Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 426

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 426 – “What the h**l is wrong with you?” Zachary furrowed his brows at her.

Charlotte said nothing as she glanced at his phone.

He traced her gaze, and noticed that his phone was still buzzing and the flashing caller ID screen. He hung up the call and turned his phone off.

Still, Charlotte said nothing as she kept her head low.

He did not seem like he had the intention of explaining things to her and kept driving.

The car reached the Happy Avenue residential estate in no time.

Charlotte removed her seatbelt to get off the car. Zachary reminded her again, “Ten o’clock tonight.”

She was burning with fury but she tried her best to hold it in. “Noted.”

Then, she rushed back home.

Zachary sat in the car, watching her silhouette getting further and further away from him. Suddenly, a sense of crisis washed over the man. I… am getting more and more smitten with this woman.

Charlotte rushed back home. The nurses were keeping her triplets company as they played. Ellie dashed in her mother’s direction when she noticed the latter coming home.

She squatted down and greeted Ellie with a warm hug.

“Mommy, you’re finally back.” Ellie circled her small arms around her mother’s neck and pouted. Sobbing, she said, “We thought you don’t want us anymore.”

“Don’t be silly,” Charlotte hurriedly explained herself. “Sorry, no more next time.”

“Mommy’s had a hard day,” Ellie held back her tears and massaged Charlotte’s shoulders. “Let me give you a massage.”

“Thank you, Ellie.” Charlotte planted a k**s on her cheeks.

“Mommy, did that bad boss bully you again?” Jamie clenched his fist and asked angrily, “I will beat him up if he bullies you again.”

“No, he did not bully me.”

Charlotte shook her head, afraid that the triplets might misunderstand Zachary further. This would make things awkward when they meet each other in the future.

“Okay, as long as you’re fine.” Robbie scanned her mother and made sure that she was fine. The boy finally heaved a sigh of relief after confirming.

“Ms. Windt, we wanted to make lunch but the triplets insisted to wait for you to come back. We’ve prepared all the ingredients. Do you think these will do?”

Two nurses came out of the kitchen.

“Thank you for helping out.” Charlotte carried Ellie and headed to the living room, and gave Robbie and Jamie a hug. “You guys must be hungry. I will go make lunch right now.”

“Thank you, mommy…”

She noticed that the nurses had already prepared all the necessary ingredients. There were only a few finishing touches.

Charlotte thanked the nurses and started cooking.

It did not take her long to finish preparing a scrumptious meal. “Robbie, Jamie, Ellie, time for lunch.”

“Mommy, you have to eat too.”

“I still need to work on the lentil soup so that we can take it for Mrs. Berry.”

“Right, Robbie and Ellie, please feed Fifi too. We’re going to bring it over to visit Mrs. Berry later. She said it’s been too long since she last saw Fifi.”


Robbie held Ellie’s hand as they headed over to the balcony. They stood on a small stool so that they could reach Fifi and feed it.

Ellie patted its wings gently and said, “Fifi, you have to be good. We’re bringing you to visit Mrs. Berry later.”

“Mrs. Berry! Mrs. Berry!” The parrot flapped its wings and chanted animatedly.

As she was working on her soup, Charlotte was actually checking on her bank account on her phone. She bagged tens of thousands working at Sultry Night these few days. Fifty thousand for the hospital fees last time and another fifty thousand today still would not be enough to cover it all…

It was impossible for her to head back to Sultry Night after the ruckus yesterday. Zachary would have arranged for people to watch her back.

It seemed like the only way out was for her to contact the financial advisor from S Nation so that she could withdraw an amount for emergency use.


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