Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 417

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 417 – Charlotte woke up to the triplets’ handwritten note and felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her heart.

It had been almost twenty days since she was fired from Divine Corporation. She could only have a quick dinner with her triplets as she had to head out late at night until the next morning for her work at Sultry Night.

It was already middle of the night when she was back from home, rendering it impossible for her to talk to her children as they would be fast asleep.

However, she was beyond glad that her children understood her predicaments and behaved well.

Nevertheless, Charlotte still felt guilty for not being around for her children. At that point, all she wanted to do was to earn enough money to pay for Mrs. Berry’s treatment. Then, she could go back to her normal life, and in turn, spend more time with her kids.

Ring… The phone rang at that moment. It was Olivia checking in on her, asking if she had gotten out of the bed.

Charlotte snapped out of her thoughts and rushed to get ready. She dashed for the door and made her way to the City Hospital to meet up with Olivia.

The latter had been waiting at the entrance of the hospital when Charlotte arrived. The two of them headed toward the ward. On the way, Charlotte asked her friend about her mother’s condition, and Olivia started to recount her bitter past.

“When I was in middle school, my dad passed away. Mom became a janitor at a company in the city to support my studies.

“Her boss was a Good Samaritan. He knew about my mother’s condition and sponsored my studies right here in the city. My expenses and tuition fees for high school were paid for by her boss.

“The boss’s company had gotten into some trouble when I was in my final year of high school. The police had even gotten involved.

“One day, a mysterious person barged into the company office looking for the boss. My mom thought that the man might harm the boss, and wanted to remind him. However, for some unknown reason, she fell from the building…

“She was lucky to fall on the balcony just one floor down, and survived. However, she had been in a coma ever since. It’s been four years…”

Charlotte felt her chest tighten after listening to Olivia’s story. She led the latter to a relatively quiet place and asked, “Olivia, what’s the name of the company that your mom worked at? What’s the boss’s name?”

“It’s Windt Corporation. The boss’s name was Richard Windt. You see, he had the same surname as you. That’s why I felt quite close to you after you told me your name the first time we met.”

Stumped at the revelation, Charlotte was rendered speechless.

“What’s the matter, Charlotte?” Olivia was perplexed at her friend’s reaction.

“Fate really has a way to bring people together,” Charlotte felt a wave of emotions wash over her. “Richard Windt is my father!”

“Huh?” Olivia was stunned. “I’ve heard my mom mention that Mr. Windt had a daughter. I just did not expect it to be you.”

“Did you know my dad passed away four years ago?” Charlotte’s eyes brimmed with tears. “He jumped off a building.”

“I know, it was on the news.” Olivia’s eyes went red. “My mom got into a coma on 20th April while Mr. Windt committed s*****e on 21st April.”

“Did you mention that someone was trying to harm my father?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

“Yes. My mom called me at the time and said that a mysterious man had barged into the company to look for your father. She thought that the man might try to harm him, and wanted to remind your father of the potential danger.

“I was so worried about her and told her to go look for the security guard to back her up. However, she did not even get to finish before the line went d**d. I tried calling her multiple times but the call just would not get through. On the very same night, I’d gotten the news that she fell…”

Tears began to stream down Olivia’s cheeks as she recounted the incident.

“My mom had already lost her consciousness when I rushed to the hospital. Mr. Windt was right outside the emergency room as well. I could see that he was so guilty about the whole incident. He left me his watch and left without saying a word.

“I really had no idea what he was trying to do, and I finally realized his intention the next day after I watched the news. I think the watch was the only valuable thing that he had left, and he gave it to me in hopes that I could use it for my mom’s treatment…”


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