Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 413

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 413 – “Anything, and I mean anything that somehow seems impossible can, and will happen to that stupid woman!”

Zachary’s face fell. She is good as d**d if I find out that she’s working here as a promoter, and wearing that garbage, no less. Does she have a d***h wish or what?

Vexed at the thought, he snapped, “Why is she not here yet?”

“The chief promoter said that she’s serving in section C,” Ben articulated his every word. “I’ve asked the chief promoter to go look for her.”

“Go look for her yourself,” Zachary demanded.

“Yes, sir.” Someone knocked on the door just when Ben was about to head out. “Come in!” Ben hurriedly answered.

A female promoter made her way in. She was dressed in the same clothes and style. The tag on her chest was 118, identical to the girl who they spotted just moments ago.

However, something did not quite add up…

“Sir, how can I help you?”

The girl kept her head low and greeted respectfully.

However, her legs were shaking from being too nervous.

Flashback to ten minutes ago.

Charlotte and Olivia were serving in section C. Fleur rushed to her side and told her to get to the private room as soon as possible because a VIP was asking for her.

Charlotte had a hunch that something was wrong right then. Zachary must have realized something. I’m going to be busted if I go to the private room right now.

To get herself out of the trouble, Charlotte found a girl who had a similar physique to replace herself. She arranged for the girl to wear a wig and bear her number. In return, Charlotte promised to let the girl in for a huge deal.

However, the girl was intimidated by the domineering vibe that Zachary exuded as soon as she entered the private room. She did not even dare to raise her head to look at the man.

“We’ve finished all our drinks, and we quite enjoyed the way you decanted the wine just now. Do decant another one for us, please.”

“Sure.” Charlotte had taught her and Olivia how to decant wine when there was time to spare. As a result, the girl had managed to secure quite a number of lucrative deals because of her skill.

For the same reason, Charlotte had sought for the girl’s help to impersonate herself.

However, Charlotte had not expected that the girl would get so nervous that she was practically fumbling when decanting the wine. The latter even almost spilled Zachary’s drink.

“Get out,” Zachary snapped in an icy tone.

“Yes,” the girl answered meekly and dashed for the door.

“It seems like…”

Zachary interrupted Ben, “That’s not her.” Just one glance and he knew for sure that the girl was not Charlotte. He was adamant that Charlotte was not even slightly intimidated by himself. She’s always calm and composed before me. That was how she was able to decant the wine with such grace just now.

However, Zachary could not say the same for other women. Somehow, they always found him intimidating and would fidget uncontrollably before him. Despite having similar decanting skills, their edgy and jittery manners before him would be a d**d giveaway.

“Then, the one before…”

Zachary stood up all of a sudden before Ben could finish his sentence. He headed for the door at a brisk pace.

Ben trailed behind him right away.

Meanwhile, Charlotte was swamped in section C.

Kristi rushed to her side and sobbed, “Charlotte, the man in the private room is terrifying. I was shivering as soon as I entered the room. His subordinate asked me to decant the wine, and he ordered me to leave before I can even finish it.”

“Did he make things difficult for you?” Charlotte asked anxiously.

“No, not really,” Kristi said as she shook her head. Then, she proceeded to fish out a stack of cash from her bra and said animatedly, “His bodyguard handed me a stack of cash when I came out just now. I’ve counted it, it’s exactly ten thousand.”

“What on earth? Did he actually tip you that generously?” Olivia was green with envy.

“D**n, why didn’t he tip me just now?” Charlotte was envious of Kristi’s luck as well.

“Haha, I’m rich!” Kristi took out four bills and gave Charlotte and Olivia two each. “These are for you guys. Olivia, thanks for recommending me to work here. Charlotte, thank you for sending me to the private room.”

“Since you’re so generously tipped, I don’t think you need that other bill, right?” Charlotte grinned.

“Of course, I still need that bill.” Kristi was especially sensitive when it came to money. “I was literally risking my life by impersonating you back in the private room. You had no idea how nervous I was just now. My heart was in my throat man…”

Before Kristi could finish, she nudged Charlotte and hurriedly said, “Charlotte, the man from the private room is heading in our direction.”


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