Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 384

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 384 – Ben stopped in his tracks and greeted Henry hurriedly.

A smug grin lit up Henry’s face as he limped in on his cane.

After spotting him, Taylor and Sharon hurriedly went over to help him in.

Meanwhile, Henry’s grandson, Zachary, sat on the stage and glared at the old man icily.

Behind Henry were Bruce and two of his bodyguards. Bruce was crestfallen as he trudged in, his gaze fixated on the ground.

Spencer flashed a warm smile. “Mr. Zachary, don’t be mad. Bruce is no match for me.”

He was implying Zachary was no match for Henry.

After all, the older the wiser.

Henry told Taylor to head there alone so Bruce would let his guard down before he could figure a way in.

Even if Bruce locked down the entire Divine Corporation and left orders that no one was to enter, including Henry, he managed to sneak in nonetheless.

After all, both Bruce and Ben learned their skills from Spencer. Thus, the latter could sneak Henry in easily.

When Charlotte saw Zachary’s expression, she immediately realized what was going on.

Zachary had always been against an arranged marriage, so he ordered Bruce to seal off Divine Corporation.

Alas, he was one step behind. Henry had managed to outfoxed him!

Looks like the wedding announcement will go on as planned tonight.

Will Zachary resist it till the end?

Or will he cave in?

Charlotte’s heart jump to her throat in panic.

Logically, she wanted Zachary to marry someone of his status so he’d have no time for her. That way, he might release her soon.

Strangely, she felt her heart thumping anxiously at the turn of events.

Her instinct was telling her she didn’t want Zachary to marry someone else.

“What do you want?” Zachary gritted out.

“Easy,” answered Henry with a grin. “I want a great-grandchild!”

Zachary flushed in anger. He tamped down his irritation and offered in a low voice, “I’ll get you one. Don’t kick up a fuss today.”

“No!” Henry was adamant. “I’m ninety-six years old. How long can I live? I want a great-grandchild when I’m still alive!”

“You have three!” Zachary mentioned the triplets. “Didn’t you have fun with them yesterday?”

“Yes, they are indeed adorable. But they don’t carry my last name,” uttered Henry coolly. “You reminded me about that.”

Zachary couldn’t find any words to retort. “Stop it. I promise you I’ll get married soon and give birth to babies. Will that do?”

“If I don’t force you, you won’t settle down.” Henry was unfazed. “Besides, I might not like your choice of wife!”

With that, his displeased gaze landed on Charlotte.

Charlotte shivered under his menacing glance and looked down.

Following his grandfather’s gaze, Zachary realized Spencer was heading toward Charlotte, with the two bodyguards behind him.

Narrowing his eyes dangerously, he rose to his feet. Henry told him, “If you want her to stay alive, then listen to me.”

Zachary balled his hands into fists.

“Be a good boy!” Henry pulled him back to his seat and whispered in his ear, “As long as you listen to me, I might allow her to stay by your side.”

“What do you mean?” Zachary furrowed his brows.

“Men can fool around,” said Henry nonchalantly. “As long as you marry Sharon, I won’t stop you from fooling around with other women!”


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