Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 377

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 377 – When they reached the president’s office, Lucy told Charlotte that she was transferred to another office.

As of that day, Charlotte was no longer working at the reception counter. Her new job was at the filing office, where she was responsible for printing and filing work.

Charlotte had been with the company for a while now. Thus, she knew that both her new and old jobs were at the bottom of the hierarchy on level 68.

Being a receptionist was not that bad since she could see Zachary and all the other higher-ups every day. If she performed remarkably, or if she met a manager or director who was in a good mood, there was a chance that she could get a promotion.

Nonetheless, the same could not be said about the filing office. Working there meant total isolation from the outside.

Charlotte would be stuck in a small room every day, waiting for the secretaries’ email to be printed out. After that, she would sort it and send it over to the relevant parties.

There was no way for her to shine, nor a way for her to make mistakes. The chance for promotion was abysmal.

Charlotte understood that she was not doing really well recently, so a transfer was to be expected.

Hence, she packed up her stuff and went straight to the filing office quietly.

There were three ladies there working with her. They would be on their phones when no work was issued but immediately got to work as soon as tasks came in.

Seeing Charlotte, one of the ladies complained. “The girl with the connections is here. Ugh… she’s so annoying!”

“What connections?”

“Think about it. Could an ordinary receptionist take leaves whenever she wants and not get fired? She definitely has some prominent connections.”

“That sounds about right… “

Charlotte did not say anything when she heard those remarks. She merely placed her stuff on her table and started reading.

They had a lot of free time there, so Charlotte had a lot of time to study.

That morning, Charlotte had nearly nothing to do. She only printed a few documents and sent them to Lucy. After that, she just sat at her table looking at all the data. Unknowingly, she found out about a new project from all the files she read.

The Blackwoods were collaborating with the Nachts to develop a two-thousand-acre plot of land near Ashen Lake. They were planning to build an international theme park and a matching-themed hotel beside it.

The project needed a huge sum of money, but the Blackwoods did not have enough funding. That was the reason they seek out the Nacht family for a collaboration.

And of course, Zachary saw the potential, and the two families struck a deal.

Charlotte carefully read through all the documents and found something weird. The two thousand acres of land were not empty. Demolishing was needed – the Windt Corporation’s seven factories and her old home included.

It would have been fine if it was anywhere else, but Charlotte took notice because the Windt Corporation was involved.

Even though the company had already fallen into the hands of Simon and the rest of the relatives, it was still built upon Charlette’s father’s blood, sweat, and tears. Not to mention the house that he built specifically for her.

It was already bad enough that Simon owned everything. Charlotte would be devastated if all of it were demolished.

“Charlotte Windt. Charlotte Windt!”

An unhappy-sounding voice interrupted Charlotte’s thought process, and she snapped out of it. She turned to look at the colleague beside her. “What happened?”

“Why are you daydreaming during work?” The colleague stared at her, displeased. “Take this document to Ms. Wright.”

“Oh, okay.” Charlotte quickly took the file and hurried to Lucy.

At that time, Lucy was busy delegating work to the others when Charlotte got there. She gestured for Charlotte to wait.

Thus, Charlotte stood at the side for twenty minutes, the file cuddled in her embrace. However, Lucy never gave her a second look and went on with her work.

Charlotte felt a slight uneasiness. Did I unknowingly offended Lucy?

“Hand it over!” After a while, Lucy finally took the document from Charlotte without even looking at her. The former then quickly left for the president’s office right after.

Charlotte’s heart sank. She was about to head back to the office when she suddenly heard a familiar voice. “Hey, Charlotte? I was wondering why I didn’t see you. Did you get transferred?”


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