Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 371

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 371 – Charlotte had been experiencing poverty for four years by then. Her socks were all bought online at eighteen eighty per box. A pair that cost almost two thousand sounded absurd to her.

Nevertheless, she had already made a promise, and she did not want to go back on her word.

Thus, Charlotte reluctantly took a pair of white socks and paid for it, not forgetting to ask the attendant to gift wrap it. After that, she handed it to Zachary. “For you. I already paid for it.”

Zachary took it from her hand and opened it up. It was the most common kind of white socks, but he still loved it because it was the first gift he got from Charlotte.

“Thank you,” Zachary said with a gentle smile.

“Huh?” Charlotte was gobsmacked. She felt like she had never heard him say those two words before. There was a time when she thought that the words did not exist in his vocabulary. Even after Zachary said it, Charlotte was still doubting her own ears.

“Excuse me, sir. These are all this season’s new designs. Both men’s and women’s. Have a look and see if you like any of them. You can try it on as much as you want,” an attendant told them as a few other attendants pushed two racks of clothes in front of Zachary and Charlotte.

“Take a look.” He gestured for her to go ahead.

“It’s okay. I won’t be needing them anyway,” Charlotte said as she looked at the clothes on the racks. They were all really beautiful, reminding her of the brand of clothes she used to buy before her father passed away. Even if I buy them now, there won’t be an occasion where I can wear them.

With that being said, Zachary did not bother himself with what she just said. He got up and picked out an outfit for himself. Then, he proceeded to grab seven outfits from the women’s section. “Come try it out!”

“I already told you… “

Charlotte was about to refuse Zachary but suddenly remembered how bad his temper was. So, she decided to not be so melodramatic and took the clothes.

“The women’s fitting room is over this way. Let me bring you there.” Two female attendants went ahead and guided Charlotte.

Another two male attendants were in charge of looking after Zachary.

Soon enough, Zachary got changed. With some clean clothes on, he felt a lot more comfortable, and the creases on his forehead faded.

On the other hand, Charlotte was also done changing into a dress and had walked out of the fitting room. She stood in front of a mirror and looked at herself. It was as if a stranger was looking back at her.

“It looks nice on you. You can wear this when you’re on business trips.” Zachary was buttoning his cuffs as he walked out.

Charlotte raised her head and looked towards him. Zachary’s change of outfit did not change how handsome he was. The design of the shirt he had was actually more casual than those that he usually wore, making him look gentler. It was not like how he always was – cold and merciless.

“This looks nice.” Charlotte inspected Zachary all around. “How much is it?”

“A hundred and eighty-three thousand, madam,” the attendant announced with a smile.

“Emm… “ Charlotte gulped and looked at the dress she was wearing. “What about this?”

“That one’s not as expensive, just sixty-eight thousand,” the attendant answered respectfully.

“Alright, never mind then… “ Charlotte decided to change out of it.

“Pack it up!” Zachary demanded. “Go and try on the other ones.”

“I don’t need it.” Charlotte refused softly. “Why are we suddenly buying clothes for me?”

“You gave me a gift, so I should return the favor.” Zachary touched the box with the socks in it. “Just go. I’m rarely this patient.”

“This way, madam.” The attendants were really professional. They were not overzealous but were still treating them with exceptional courtesy.

Hence, Charlotte went and continued trying out the other clothes. In the end, Zachary bought all seven of the clothes he picked out for her. On top of that, he even got her a few pairs of high heels and two sets of accessories to go with the dresses.

When he was settling the bill, the total amount charged was more than two million three hundred thousand.

That number made Charlotte’s heart skip a beat, but Zachary continued to drop another bombshell. “You can wear these for the time being. I’ll get my designer to custom make your whole wardrobe after this.”

“Sir, you treat your wife so well. It really makes people jealous of you two,” one of the attendants could not hold in her compliment.

Charlotte’s face flushed from what she just heard and explained hurriedly, “It’s not like that. I think you misunderstood… “

“That’s enough,” Zachary interrupted her and pointed to the pile of bags with his chin. “Go pick them up. We’re leaving!”


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