Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 358

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 358 – “Hi, Madam… “

Charlotte’s thoughts were interrupted by a waiter’s voice right that instant.

After Charlotte snapped back to her senses, she turned around and got a shock. It turned out that the cartoon character whom she was hiding behind was a waiter dressed in a cartoon character costume, and that waiter had already left.

But Charlotte had remained rooted to the spot where she was standing…

Another waiter beside her noticed her strange behavior and hurried over to check if she was alright. “Are you alright?”

“Yup. I’m… I’m fine,” Charlotte replied in a fluster before turning around again and saw Henry walking into the restaurant with the three kids. Just then, Robbie turned around and met his mother’s gaze.

The boy waved to Charlotte before following Henry into the restaurant.

Charlotte was stunned for a moment before dashing towards the toilet and hid inside there.

She couldn’t believe that Robbie was able to see through her disguise. That’s my son indeed.

Charlotte was thankful that it was Robbie who recognized her and not any of her other two kids. Knowing how mature and thoughtful her eldest boy was, she was certain that he wouldn’t expose her.

After splashing some water on her face, the woman let out a sigh in front of the mirror. The previous time she brought the kids to the restaurant was on their birthday. Moreover, she only decided to bring them after thinking long and hard about it…

As for Henry, in order to protect the kids from being bullied by Julia, he had bought over the entire Fairytale Land restaurant effortlessly. Not only that, but he had also declared free admission to the public.

That was how he valued the kids and cared about their feelings.

In comparison, it seemed as if there was nothing much Charlotte could do for her children…

“Mr. Nacht, your grandpa and the kids are at the restaurant.”

Charlotte suddenly heard a familiar voice sounded from outside.

It’s Ben! In that case, Zachary must be here…

The woman froze for a second before quickly putting on her cap, sunglasses, and mask. Then, she hid near the door and peeped outside.

As expected, Zachary walked right out of the toilet and headed towards the restaurant.

Apart from Ben, the man had only brought two other subordinates along with him. Charlotte guessed that it was such that he could maintain a low profile.

However, even so, Zachary had still managed to become the center of attention. The moment he reached the corridor, his commanding aura attracted the eyeballs of several young mothers, who were squealing with delight.

“Oh my G*d! Is he a celebrity? He’s so cool and good-looking!”

“Could he be the father of those three angelic kids just now? They look quite alike.”

“Yup, they are probably from the same family. He looks very much like Mr. Nacht. Those three kids also resemble… “

Zachary frowned when he heard that. He felt as if he had just been insulted, and anger started to stir within him.

Ben noticed the change in Zachary’s expression and quickly signaled for everyone to keep quiet.

Then, Ben and the bodyguards put up some barricade tapes to prevent the crowd from getting near Zachary before escorting the man away.

Charlotte, who had witnessed the scene, frowned in displeasure. As*hole! Do you have to be so mad to hear people calling you the kids’ dad?

They are indeed your children! So how dare you react this way?

However, Charlotte started to wonder why Zachary was there.

Is he going to harm the children?

Or is he jealous of the way Old Mr. Nacht was treating the kids and is here to cause trouble?

After all, he still thinks that they are Michael’s…

Fear set in as Charlotte thought about that. After the previous time when she was separated from her kids, she started to worry more about their safety and swore never to put them in danger again.

Charlotte wanted to go in to observe the situation. However, as she was alone, she would not be allowed to enter the restaurant since she did not have a kid with her.

What should I do?

While Charlotte was thinking of a solution, she suddenly saw a cleaning lady walking into the employees’ changing room with a bag. After a while, the cleaning lady reemerged wearing casual clothes and clocked off.

When no one was watching, Charlotte sneaked into the employees’ changing room.

Due to special circumstances and the Fairytale Land restaurant’s sudden change in ownership that day, all the employees had gone to serve Henry and the three kids. As such, there was no one else in the changing room at that time.

Charlotte swiftly changed into the cleaning lady’s uniform and wore the cleaning lady’s hat and mask. Only revealing her eyes, she took the mop and entered Fairytale Land restaurant…


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