Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 352

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 352 – After getting dressed, the three kids went next door to look for Henry.

Charlotte, who was listening at the door, could hear her three kids’ chattering non-stop with Henry while Henry addressed them affectionately as “my darlings.” His hearty laughter could be heard intermittently.

Even Charlotte could feel the warm and fuzzy atmosphere from within the room. Gradually, her frown disappeared from her face and was replaced with a smile.

It was her wish as well for the kids to be loved by more family members.


She could feel a chill running down her spine whenever she thought about Zachary’s unpredictable moods and violent ways.

Even if there was really more than met the eye to the car accident, the woman was already traumatized by Zachary.

Charlotte learned her lesson well from the fear she felt during those three days without her kids.

That feeling of despair was so horrible that it had almost driven her to the brink of insanity, so much so that she would never take any risks to experience that feeling again.

Never would she place her bets ever again on Zachary’s sanity.

“Ms. Windt, since the kids are not here now, we’ll head over first. Call us if you need anything?” The voice of the paramedic interrupted Charlotte’s train of thoughts.

Charlotte nodded her head and replied, “Thanks for your efforts.”

“No problem,” The paramedic answered and left.

After that, Charlotte was the only one left in the spacious house. Sitting alone in there, she thought of Mrs. Berry and the kids and suddenly felt a sense of emptiness.

She knew that the kids merely went out for dinner and would be back after that, yet she still couldn’t help but feel fear gripping her heart.

What if Henry found out about their identities?

What if he managed to coax them and took them away from me?

If that happened, she would never get to see her kids ever again.

Charlotte grew increasingly anxious and worried as she allowed her thoughts to run wild…

When she couldn’t take it anymore, the woman hurried back to her room and got changed. After putting on sunglasses, a mask, and a cap, she chased after them…

However, only when Charlotte stepped out of the residential estate that she realized she did not know where the kids went for dinner.

Charlotte stopped in her tracks while she tried to recall details of conversations she had with her kids. Then, she finally remembered something Ellie had told her.

“Mr. Henry is treating us to western food at Fairytale Land.”

Fairytale Land restaurant!

After Charlotte figured out where they were at, she immediately hailed a cab and headed over.

At the same time, Henry and the children had already arrived at Fairytale Land restaurant.

That was a restaurant specially catered to kids under the age of twelve. Not only did the restaurant sell nutritious food that children loved to eat, but there were also a spacious indoor playground and a mini library.

Adults were only allowed to enter the restaurant when they had children with them, and everyone had to be dressed fancifully.

Ellie had put on a pink princess gown. With the natural curls on her hair coupled with the princess crown that she was wearing, the little girl managed to attract the crowd’s attention the moment she stepped into the restaurant.

“Wow! What a pretty little girl! She’s so adorable and looks just like a doll!”

“Yeah, she’s so beautiful. Oh, the two boys with her are really good-looking too!”

The crowd noticed Robbie and Jamie at once. Even though Jamie was in a wheelchair, he still oozed charm in his suit and looked just like a little prince in fairytales.

Robbie, on the other hand, had an air of charming aloofness. He looked exactly like a mini version of some domineering president of a corporation.

The three siblings instantly became the center of attention, and everyone started taking pictures and videos of them.

Robbie frowned. When he was just about to stop them from doing that, the Nacht family’s bodyguards stepped in and beat him to it.

Henry then asked the boy softly, “Do you feel disturbed? I can get them to reserve the entire restaurant for us.”

“That’s alright.” Robbie shook his head and continued, “There are other kids here who are enjoying themselves. They wouldn’t be able to continue playing here if we reserve the entire place.”

“You’re such a kind child,” Henry replied as he patted Robbie’s head gently and said lovingly, “Okay, we shan’t do that then. Let’s go inside and have something to eat.”

“Alright.” Robbie held Ellie’s hand, and just when they were about to walk inside the restaurant, an arrogant voice sounded. “I’ll pay double the price. Get everyone out immediately. I want my grandson to have this place all to himself!”


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