Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 319

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 319 – Raina snickered from her position at the door, but she wiped her smile off her face the moment she noticed Zachary’s chilly glare.

“Ahem. Mr. Nacht, Ms. Windt is rather feeble, and she fainted due to excessive anxiety, but I’m sure she’ll wake up soon,” Raina reported.

“Excessive anxiety?” Zachary asked, frowning. “Was it because of Mrs. Berry’s illness?”

A strange sense of jealousy gripped his heart. I bet she’s closer to Mrs. Berry than me!

“Yeah, she’s probably exhausted,” Raina said. “She had to take care of Mrs. Berry and her three kids while nursing her own injuries, which must have been really hard.”

“What happened to Mrs. Berry?” Zachary asked.

“She is diagnosed with mild s****e, so she needs time to recover,” Raina said.

“Direct all attention to her and get in specialists from overseas if needed,” Zachary ordered.

“Of course, Mr. Nacht,” Raina said with a smile. “I didn’t expect you to be so caring towards Ms. Windt’s loved ones too!”

“I’m just being compassionate, you know,” Zachary said coldly. Though, Raina could hear the lack of confidence in his voice.

She covered her mouth and let out a small chuckle.

“Take care of the bird too,” Zachary said, pointing at Fifi. After that, he walked into the ward.

The paramedics were in the midst of wiping Charlotte’s body down with a damp cloth, and they immediately dropped everything to bow to Zachary the moment he entered.

Zachary gestured for them to relax before sitting down by Charlotte’s bed and staring at her face.

Why is she falling sick and getting hurt so often?

Is she really that sickly?

What if I’m the reason for all her suffering?

When the paramedics filed out of the room through the door, Fifi took the chance to burst into the room.

She landed by Charlotte’s head and pecked her hair gently. “Mommy… Mommy…”

“Be quiet!” Zachary bellowed.

Fifi glanced at him timidly and stopped squawking. Instead, she burrowed herself into Charlotte’s blanket and stroked her hair with her wings tenderly.

Zachary felt a lump forming in his throat. That bird may be dumb, but she’s really loyal.

He recalled how Fifi had rushed forward to save Charlotte the last time she got attacked, and how her mangled wing from that incident had yet to heal.

He turned to a paramedic standing nearby and said, “Bring me some parrot food.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The paramedic returned shortly after with a bag of parrot food, and Zachary proceeded to pour some into his hand and offer them to Fifi.

Fifi hesitated for a moment before fluttering over to his hand and helping herself to the food.

Fifi was really hungry as Charlotte had only fed the parrot a small amount of food before her phone call that night.

Fifi had stayed put after that, even as Charlotte failed to emerge from her room after a long time.

Fifi only realized that something had happened to Charlotte when Zachary came barging in like a burglar.

“Mr. Nacht,” Raina called, walking in with a basket of wine and pastries in tow. “Ben sent this over just now.”

Zachary hummed in reply and gestured for her to leave the room, which she did with a slight bow of her head.

Outside, Ben stood guard along with a few bodyguards.

He was worried when Zachary drove off by himself, but there was nothing he could have done to stop him.

When Raina called him and informed him about Zachary’s whereabouts, he decided to bring Zachary’s usual dinner of wine and pastries to the hospital to ensure that he did not go hungry for the night.

After delivering the food and wine, he found a spot outside the ward and waited patiently for Zachary’s orders.

Meanwhile, Zachary watched as Fifi pecked at the pellets of food on his hand as he sipped his wine, and his gaze softened as time passed. She’s pretty cute…

Soon, Fifi finished all the food in his hand and started flapping her wings pleadingly. “Water, water!” she chirped quietly.

“What a greedy bird!” Zachary chided, offering her the wine in his glass. “Drink up! This is top-quality wine!”


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