Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 303

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 303 – “You rascal!” Old Mr. Nacht was quivering with wrath.

Sharon was completely speechless. At first, she thought that persuading her father to convince old Mr. Nacht to come would make it easier for her to take Zachary down a notch and speed up their marriage.

Never had she expected things to unfold this way…

Charlotte twitched her lips in helplessness. She thought that by saying those words, old Mr. Nacht would be fumed and chuck her out as well as forbid Zachary from seeing her.

And she would be able to break free from his claws.

And yet…

She had underestimated the devilry within Zachary.

“Grandpa, don’t be upset.” Zachary rose from his seat and walked over to massage his grandfather’s back. “You have to take care of your health and not let your emotions jeopardize it. What if anything happens to you because of that? You won’t be able to meet your great-grandchildren then.”

Charlotte felt a shiver down her spine. Old Mr. Nacht mustn’t know about the three children. Otherwise, he would definitely take them away.

“You rascal—”

Furious, old Mr. Nacht gave Zachary a heavy punch.

“Don’t get angry, Grandpa. Relax…” Sharon got up from her seat and quickly calmed old Mr. Nacht. Simultaneously, she berated Charlotte, “It’s all because of you. Aren’t you going to leave now?”

Charlotte came back to her senses and immediately stood up to leave.

Raina walked over and supported her.

After hopping into the car, Charlotte leaned back on the seat with a hopeless face.

There goes my last hope. Does it mean I’ll never be able to get rid of Zachary for the rest of my life?

“Mr. Nacht is also at pains to throw off this arranged marriage which is why he’s deliberately contending with Old Mr. Nacht,” said Raina. “At this juncture, you should maintain a unified front with him.”

“Me?” Charlotte gave her a wry smile. “I can’t wait for him to marry Sharon as soon as possible and let go of me.”

She was speaking against her own will when she said that.

It was true that she was trying to be rid of him, but seeing him getting married to Sharon wasn’t what she really wanted.

That woman is exceedingly depraved. She doesn’t deserve him.

“Ms. Windt, Mr. Nacht genuinely cares about you.” Raina couldn’t help lamenting, “I’ve never seen him treating any other woman so mindfully.”

“He’s just seeking novel pleasure.” Charlotte was both mentally and physically drained. “Besides, with such b****l mindfulness, forget it.”

“But—” Raina was going to continue when Charlotte’s phone started ringing. It was Mrs. Berry.

She quickly picked it up, “Hello, Mrs. Berry!”

“Hello, I’m the calling from the property management office of Apartment One on Happy Avenue. The elderly in your unit passed out in front of the entrance of the neighborhood. Are you a family member? Please come to Regent Clinic opposite the neighborhood.”

“Yes, I am. I’ll come immediately…”

In a blue funk, Charlotte hurriedly said to Raina, “Quick, send me to Regent Clinic.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll go there right now.” Raina immediately told the driver to head over to the clinic.

On the way, Charlotte confirmed the details of the incident with the staff of the property management office. It turned out that Mrs. Berry went grocery shopping in the morning and blacked out in the elevator on her way home. The staff saw it from the surveillance camera and sent her to the clinic right away.

After hurrying over to the clinic, Charlotte saw Mrs. Berry lying in bed and rushed to her side. “Mrs. Berry…”

Due to her hasty movements, she felt a twinge in her waist, and all of a sudden, she broke into a sweat.

“Miss, are you okay?” Mrs. Berry was pale and drained of all strength, but she was still concerned about Charlotte as always.

“I’m fine.” Charlotte held onto Mrs. Berry’s hand and asked anxiously, “How are you feeling? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m a little dizzy. It’s possibly because I didn’t sleep well last night. Don’t worry, when we return home later, I’ll have some g****r tea, and after a good rest, I’ll be fine.” Mrs. Berry flipped the blanket aside, intending to get off the bed. “Let’s go home, Miss.”

“No, You don’t really look well recently. We must get you thoroughly checked.” Charlotte turned to Raina immediately. “Dr. Langhan, sorry to trouble you again!”

“Don’t worry. Let me get to it.”

Right away, Raina arranged for Mrs. Berry to be transferred to her hospital for a comprehensive health screening.

Charlotte went together with her to get her own waist treated as well.

Mrs. Berry reminded her repeatedly, “Miss, the children’s classes will end at half-past three in the afternoon, but there’s no one at home, so you must remember to go back earlier.”

“Don’t worry about it.”


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