Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 28

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 28 – When Charlotte arrived at the office, she realized everyone was looking at her differently.

Her usually genial colleagues were all avoiding her today.

It made her feel uneasy. Did they find out about the incident with Wesley? Do they have some misunderstanding about me?

Just when she was pondering about it, the head of the administration department, Roy, informed her that she had been transferred to a new department. Hence, she needed to report to the HR department.

When Charlotte asked her for the reason, Roy just turned and walked off.

Feeling puzzled, Charlotte wanted to find out from her other colleagues about what happened. However, everyone avoided her like the plague.

Hence, she had no choice but to proceed to the HR department alone.

After receiving her transfer notice, she was dumbfounded when she learned of her new position.



Is there a mistake?

Yesterday, when Wesley tried to rape her, he was beaten up badly by Zachary. After that, he was reassigned as a security guard at the car park.

She thought she had escaped the matter unscathed. After all, she was a victim.

But now, the shocking news blew her into a state of devastation.

What kind of logic is this? Why is the victim being punished along with the perpetrator?

This is just so unfair!

Charlotte couldn’t contain her anger as she vowed to seek clarification from the president.

The new HR manager just made a scornful remark. “You’ve committed a big mistake. But, you should count yourself lucky only your position has changed and you still get to keep your old salary.”

“What did I do wrong?”

“Enough with your questions. If you’re not satisfied, then just leave!”

“You…” Charlotte was speechless. Fine, the company belongs to the Devil so he can do whatever he wants. Is there a point in reasoning with him?


Fuming, Charlotte collected her uniform and headed to the security department to report for duty.

There, a group of burly security guards surrounded her and joked, “Hey, the sun is rising from the west. The security guards at Divine Corporation have always been male. Today, we actually have our first female guard.”

“She’s beautiful too.”

“How did such a beautiful goddess end up being punished here?”

“She must have offended the Devil.”

Charlotte felt depressed. She was now sure that she had gotten on the Devil’s nerves without her knowledge.

Or else, why would he keep punishing me repeatedly?

“Enough. It’s time to work,” the captain of the security guards barked at the group of young guards.

He informed Charlotte, “Your uniform looks big on you, so just bear with it for the time being. The HR department has already tailored a few sets for you which will arrive next week.”

“Thank you!” Charlotte couldn’t help but sneeze.

“Do you have a cold?” the captain asked her in a friendly manner. “Today is your first day at work so you’re probably unfamiliar with your station. Just follow David on his rounds at the parking lot. There’s usually not much going on there.”

“Thank you!” Charlotte was extremely grateful.

“Let’s go!” David handed Charlotte a security cap and led her towards the car park.

As the uniform Charlotte was wearing was oversized, she looked like a kid in adult clothes. And it looked utterly hideous.

If not for the belt, her pants would have dropped anytime.

When they arrived at the car park, a white Bentley arrived.

David pulled Charlotte along to welcome it.

Charlotte asked softly, “Why do the security guards have to do this? Don’t we have the doormen to do it?”

“The doormen are responsible for the car park’s entrance.”

Charlotte was speechless and had no choice but to follow him.

When David opened the Bentley’s door, a tall and dashing man emerged from the car. Charlotte was shaken when she saw him.

It’s him!

“Thank you.”

Hector was just as gentle and elegant as he was four years ago. His white suit accentuated his tall figure and made him look especially dignified.

Charlotte quickly turned away so that he wouldn’t recognize her.

“Move aside!” Hector’s bodyguard pushed Charlotte aside as he escorted Hector toward the elevator.

Wearing her cap low, Charlotte hid behind a pillar and watched Hector discreetly.