Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 152

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 152 – “Seven days?” Charlotte asked tentatively.

Zachary did not speak but frowned slightly.

“Th-three days?” She immediately flinched. “If I can’t return your necklace within three days, I-I will sign this agreement.”

“You promised this yourself; I didn’t force you to.” He leaned on his seat gracefully, looking generous. “I will wait for you here at the same time three days later!”


Charlotte did not know how she got out of the building. It was already 7:40 p.m., and all her colleagues had got off work.

She called for a cab and was on the verge of crying when she was in the vehicle. Why is everyone forcing me?

First, it was Luna and her mother. Now it’s Zachary. They just keep coming for me, one worse than the one before…

I just want to live a peaceful life. Why won’t they let me go…

“Where are you heading?” the taxi driver asked.

“I…” She was startled and said, “Bar DTT.”

After thinking about it carefully, she decided to confess these things to the G****o In Debt, to discuss it with him and face it together.

Zachary forced me into this because he likes me and wants me for himself.

If I tell him the truth, take my boyfriend to see him, and explain my situation clearly, Zachary will no longer have such thoughts.

And then I will find a way to return the ruby ​​necklace to him. That will resolve everything.

Thinking of this, she texted G****o In Debt: I’m reaching the bar soon. Are you there yet?

There was no reply from him.

Charlotte then recalled her chat history with the “G****o In Debt”.

Although the number in her phone’s contact list had been deleted, the messages were not.

Thus, she sent a text message to his old number.

Thinking that his old number had been deactivated, she sent the same text message to his new number, and saved it under “G****o In Debt 2”.

Soon, G****o In Debt 2 called, “Baby, I’m on my way to the bar. Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“It’s fine. I got a cab,” she said, “G****o, I want to talk to you after the show tonight.”


Chris was overjoyed. As long as I can spend more time alone with her, our relationship will improve.

“We’ll talk later. See you at the bar.”

“See you there.”

After hanging up, Chris made a call and gave his instructions.

“Send nine hundred and ninety-nine red roses to Bar DTT. And bring me my ten-carat ring.”

An extended Rolls-Royce Phantom appeared…

Zachary could not help but feel puzzled when he received Charlotte’s text message.

She firmly broke up with me before and returned the money to me. During this time, she hasn’t contacted me at all. Why did she suddenly send me this text?

She doesn’t seem to be testing waters, nor is she requesting to make up. On the contrary, the tone of her message…it’s like how we used to contact each other every day…

Besides, I haven’t been to Sultry Night for a long time. Why is she suddenly asking me to go to the bar?

Something about this message made Zachary feel as if he and Charlotte had been keeping in touch…

Thinking of this, he told Ben, “Check and see if Charlotte has gone to Sultry Night.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ben investigated and reported immediately—

“Mr. Nacht, Sultry Night said that Ms. Windt hadn’t been there for a long time.”

“The security department found that she took a taxi and headed southwest.”

“We ran a check on the license plate of that taxi with the Ministry of Transportation. It is heading towards Bar DTT.”

“Ms. Windt just got out of the car at the back door of Bar DTT.”

“Why would she go there?” Zachary frowned and then ordered, “Have someone drive my Aston Martin over and bring the previous equipment.”

“The Aston Martin was crashed last night by Mr. Broid and was damaged. It was sent for repair this morning. Your equipment is in another car. Would you like the other car to be driven here?”

“Damaged?” Zachary narrowed his eyes.


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