Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 104

Read Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 104 – “Hmm…”

Charlotte realized finally that all of them saw her as Zachary’s girlfriend.

“You can ask for my help privately if you are faced with any problems at work.” Ben reminded gently, “But it’s better to keep your relationship with Mr. Nacht as a secret from other colleagues!”

“There is nothing between us…”

Charlotte had mixed feelings when she left hastily.

D**n it! Everyone around Zachary thinks that I’m his girlfriend now. Wait, I think even those who attended the auction will think the same.

In that case, Zachary’s reputation is at stake. If the fact that I have children is exposed, he will become everyone’s laughing stock!

Besides, if he knows that the chip is missing because of me and my children…

Then, he won’t just wish to strangle me. He might even cut me into pieces and turned me into ashes.

Will my three children be dragged into it?

Charlotte was overwhelmed with anxiety when she pondered over it.

Since they found out that she tried to sneak into the office, she couldn’t use the same strategy anymore. As such, she had to find another way to return the chip to him.

But how should I do it?

“Hey, you!” All of a sudden, someone rushed toward Charlotte and yelled.

Charlotte instinctively took a look and asked, “Are you calling me?”

“Yes, you! Come over here!”

The senior executive secretary who was in her fifties waved at her.

Charlotte came up to her timidly. The nametag on her chest read: Melody Snyder, Senior Executive Secretary.

“Take this cup of coffee into the meeting room for Mr. Nacht!”

Melody handed over the tray with the cup of coffee on it to Charlotte.

“Me?” Charlotte was astounded. After all, Lucy taught her that a low-level secretary like her couldn’t enter the meeting room randomly. Why did Ms. Snyder instruct me to do such an important task?

“Yes, you. Enter the room quickly,” Melody bellowed.

“Okay.” Charlotte took the cup of coffee and walked toward the meeting room.

Another senior secretary pulled Melody’s arm gently asked, “How can you let a new staff do this?”

“Mr. Nacht is losing his temper now. I must be tired of living if I go in now.” Melody covered her chest in fear and said, “The last time when Mr. Nacht lost his temper, he threw a cup and accidentally hit Lucy’s head. She had to undergo seven stitches as a result. I don’t want to be d********d.”

“In that case, this new staff…”

“She had broken a cup earlier on. An incompetent secretary like her will be fired sooner or later. I’m giving her the last chance to be productive before leaving the company.”

The senior secretary was a little startled.

When Charlotte arrived at the corner, she looked around to check if no one was around her. Then, she immediately took out the chip from her shirt and put it into the cup of coffee.

The clock is ticking, and I have to give it a try to return the chip to him.

After all, if he wants to investigate it, he wouldn’t doubt me because I didn’t make the cup of coffee.

After making up her mind, she knocked on the door and entered the meeting room with the cup of coffee.

“The press conference of our new product launch will be held on Friday as scheduled. There is no need to postpone it.” After making the announcement, Zachary asked, “Any objections?”

“Mr. Nacht…” An elder board member with grey hair was sitting in the first row on the right side of the meeting table. He said slowly, “I think we should postpone it until we’ve retrieved the chip. If we make the announcement now, the whole world will be aware of our plan. It will be embarrassing if we postpone it!”

“Mr. Sterk, you don’t believe me?”

Even though Zachary’s lips curved into a smile when he spoke, he stared at Mr. Sterk with his piercing eyes.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Mr. Sterk said slowly with a seemingly caring smile on his face. Nevertheless, he was very insistent on his opinion. “I’m only offering a safer piece of advice!”

Zachary didn’t reply to him. Although he still kept his smile, his gaze looked a lot colder.

The rest of the board members fell silent as they dared not to make a sound.

Meanwhile, Charlotte came in and put the cup of coffee with trepidation before Zachary.

“Give the cup of coffee to Mr. Sterk!” Without sparing him a glance, Zachary stared at Mr. Sterk and said intently, “Since you’re used to having tea, it’s time for you to try a different type of drink!”

“Okay…” Charlotte gave the cup of coffee to Mr. Sterk. My goodness!


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