Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 62

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 62 – As we pulled into the drive way, I realized something startling. I was no longer afraid of what the future might hold. I knew there would always be danger, that people would try and use me as a weapon but none of it seemed to matter. All this time, I had thought Alec and Kade were too good to be true. There was no chance in h**l that I had been given not one, but two soul-mates to forever cherish and support me. Some small part of me thought that whatever was blossoming between us wouldn’t last. While I wasn’t quite ready to go throwing around the L word yet, there was something else I wanted.

Alec and Kade’s parents were already asleep as we entered the house. I was relieved Alec and Kade couldn’t feel my emotions the way I could feel theirs. They would sense the turmoil and anxiety from a mile away. I tried to keep my fingers from fidgeting, but I couldn’t help the slight tremble that worked its way through my hands. While I still lacked details, Tori had told me about the werewolves mating process. It was funny in a way. Everything s****l I had done was with Alec and Kade, yet they still made me horrendously nervous in new and exciting ways. As we walked down the quiet halls, towards the bedroom we shared, I realized simply having s*x would never be enough. I wanted to tie myself to them in every way possible, to leave a mark on their soul that couldn’t be mistaken as anything other than my own.

I wanted every gentle touch, every smoldering soul-shattering look. It all seemed too good to be true, to have a destined mate born to love you. Perhaps it was a small repayment for the d***h and destruction that seemed to plaque a werewolf’s life. That in the midst of the chaos, a small sliver of happiness would surface. So that no matter how long one had to live, they could do so with happiness in their hearts. I was slowly learning to face things head on, and this was another obstacle for me to face. I wouldn’t let my fear keep me from being with them, from fully accepting them as my own.

“Can you unzip me?” I asked Kade, blushing as Alec’s lingering stare followed me into the bedroom.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Kade murmured, his eyes softening as I brushed my hair to the side and turned.

His rough fingers trailed along my shoulders, pressing harder as a shiver worked its way down my spine. The zipper was cold against my b**e back, making a quiet noise as he unzipped pulled it down to my bottom. Kade’s fingers dipped inside the back of the dress, grazing my ribcage and stomach. I could hear his heavy breaths behind me, and could feel the hammering of his heart. It wasn’t lust I was feeling from him, but a gentle sort of awe. Each brush over my soft skin left him feeling weightless and happy. Even with the carefree emotions, I knew he wanted more. Alec and Kade’s desire were like an endless pit, the darkness constantly looming, ready to take over and devour me at first chance.

Instead of giving in to the overwhelming anxiety that tried to surround me, I leaned back into Kade’s touch. I let his emotions wash over me, wiping away the lingering trepidation I felt. I was safe here, safer than I had ever been before. These two, giant werewolves would defend me until their last breath. It was a freeing feeling; one I had been waiting my entire life to experience. It felt like my soul was soaring, only to be met by Alec and Kade’s.

One of Kade’s hands drifted higher, toying with the band of my thin bra. His other hand grazed lower, tracing lazy circles along my hip bones. My legs clenched together on their own accord, my body giving into the overwhelming sensation of Kade’s rough fingers on my soft skin. A deep, husky laugher caressed my ear and traveled down the length of my neck. I could hear Kade inhale deeply, his nose buried in my hair.

“After your little performance earlier, tell me why I shouldn’t just take you now?” His voice dropped a couple octaves, hitting me in every place his fingers wouldn’t.

A building pressure formed low in my stomach, and a budding moisture between my legs. Kade’s fingers tickled the edge of my underwear, never once straying lower. The slow circles were pure torment, but agony mixed with the sultry pleasure that lapped at my skin.

I spoke the words before I fully registered what came out of my mouth. I was lulled by the sparks dancing along my skin, reassured by the overwhelming desire that pulsed from Kade.

“Do it, Kade.” I murmured huskily. “Take me.”

Before I could blink, I was tossed backwards onto the bed. My legs were spread apart, with Kade situated in between. My wrists were locked together, raised over my head. Kade’s grip on my wrists was iron clad, bringing on just the slightest amount of sweet pain. His eyes were full of onyx fire as he stared down at me, his plush lips parted as his hot breath pressed against my cheek. Even if I couldn’t feel his emotions, I could feel the evidence of his arousal pressed against my leg. I shivered at the length of it, at how hard it felt against my soft skin.

My face heated and all thought other than Kade left my head. I went to turn my head, self-conscious as I gained Kade’s full searing attention. His free hand snapped up to my face, gripping my chin until I had no choice but to look at him. The way he touched me sent an instant reaction down between my legs. His rough possessiveness heated my skin. It was like he was staking his claim on all of me; body and soul.

“Are you teasing me, sweetheart?” Kade growled, his face pressing into the crook of my neck. “Tell me what you want, Aurora. Tell me or I might take it all.”

“I want—all of you.” I rasped, savoring the way his entire form stiffened against my own.

His self-control was like a tether. As it snapped, a loud tearing sound echoed through the room. Scraps of dark fabric fluttered down around us, lying in little pools on the bed. The cool air rushed against my exposed skin, making me s**k in a sharp breath. He had torn the dress from my body, had left it in shambles in his desperate need to take me–to claim me. All that was left was my bra and underwear, a dark and lacy ensemble that was both cute and modest. If I had known I would’ve initiated this, I would’ve worn something better–something sexier and more mature.

“Don’t.” Kade rasped, his voice gravely as his eyes roamed my body. Those dark eyes flickered up to meet my own, endless pools of his own desire focused on me. Each word that left his lips was like a curse and a praise, all wrapped into one dark package. “You’re perfect–so f*****g perfect.”

Kade’s teeth grazed down my neck, lingering with predatory focus on the soft skin between my throat and shoulder. As his tongue snaked out to l**k the soft patch of skin, my back arched and a sea of overwhelming sensation filled me. Pure, undiluted pleasure radiated down my body. It washed over every cell, nerve and vein as it traveled down to my toes. My mouth was open in a silent gasp as Kade continued toying with the small section of skin. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered Tori saying something about a mark, but I couldn’t piece the words together in my scrambled mind. All thoughts were useless, the only thing that mattered was right in front of me.

“Are you sure about this, Aurora?” He murmured quietly, his hooded eyes lifting to meet mine for just a brief second.

“I’m sure—I’ve never done this before, but I’m sure.” I whimpered, nodding my head a little to enthusiastically.

Kade stilled against me, “We’ve been the first to taste you? To k**s you?”

“Yes.” I nodded, my voice soft and heart thundering.

I was horribly inexperienced, unused to the attention and touch of men. For a moment, I regretted it all. The inexperience left me feeling self-conscious and somewhat silly. I hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

“Good.” Kade’s deep voice thundered, his eyes burning with pure satisfaction.


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