Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 120

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 120 – The sound of muffled arguing emerged from the kitchen, most of which held the noticeable soprano of Tori’s voice. Every few seconds, I could hear Kady’s mom snap back in a venomous tone.

Even Garrett was perfectly content with letting them argue, considering he was still processing all that I had told him. He hadn’t moved from his position on the couch, his chin resting in the palm of his hand.

The same rush of emotion had once washed through me and even now, it was hard to believe that things were changing.

Julian sat at his side, unable to conceal the wide grin that stole his face. The exact opposite of his brooding and severe brother. It made him look younger, even though the lines etched into his smooth face were a testament to his age.

He leaned forward on his haunches, eyes sparkling. There had always been something feral about Julian. Still, he was more approachable than Garrett. “How’d you k**l him, kid? Did he beg?”

My stomach soured as part of me was torn back to that place, the smell of blood and earth permeating my nostrils as the cold feel of d**d eyes froze my skin. The sound of shattered bones as her corpse thudded lifelessly against the wall. Porcelain skin, auburn hair and hazel eyes that wouldn’t stop looking at me.

With a single blink, I was sitting on the couch, Julian’s expectant eyes roaming my face.

I jolted, startled when Alec opened the door to his father’s study and emerged. His eyes found mine instantly as he rounded the corner, honed on where I sat.

Gentle concern coiled around my mind, forcing away those thoughts that brought up the past. It wasn’t regret that festered in my gut, I knew what needed to be done, but the sight of it refused to leave my mind.

“Kade will be out in a moment.” Alec’s voice was smooth, even as his thoughts slid into my own. He took a seat on the sectional beside me, smirking as he draped an arm over my shoulders. ‘Are you alright, doll? I know it’s affecting you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You did the right thing, but d***h haunts all of us.’

Before I had chance to answer, the arguing in the kitchen grew louder, until both voices could be heard.

“She’s going to resent you for the rest of her life if you can’t accept her.” Tori’s muffled voice grew sharp as she sent another jab at Veronica.

I could taste the anger in her words, like rusted metal that coated the tongue.

“I was promised a Luna! I am looking out for her future. You have no clue what kind of potential she has. Who are you to tell me about my daughter?”

“I’m someone who can’t stand close minded people. Besides, your daughter needs someone on her side for a change.” I could practically see Tori’s heated cheeks, her mossy eyes vibrant with rage as they often became when she was worked up. I snickered inwardly when whatever Veronica had to say, died on her tongue. “You need to get it through your thick skull; what you want and what she wants are two vastly different things. All you should care about is that your daughter is happy! If you can’t accept her, then stay out of her life before you ruin it with your hatred.”

Before any of us had the chance to feign ignorance, the door swung open, and Tori stormed through. I caught one glance at Veronica’s face, her beautiful features distorted in both rage and guilt. There was a mess of emotions in that woman, one that only she could sort out.

Tori’s eyes, which held at least a dozen individual shades of green, swiveled over to where Garrett sat. This time I couldn’t hold back my snicker, not when she cocked an eyebrow at him and narrowed her gaze.

“Do we have a problem?”

“Not at all.” Garrett’s eyebrows lifted in interest, but he made no move to stand against Tori. Reluctantly, they slid over to Alec and me. He had once been against the twin’s, enough so to warn me against them. There was no fondness between them, but a sense of respect and a mutual determination for keeping me alive. “I’m an advocate for both of my daughter’s happiness, no matter who their mates might be.”

Tori nodded, satisfied with his answer as she turned her head in my direction, “I’m going to head outside. That woman gave me a migraine.”

“Burbon helps.” Garrett called out from over his shoulder, shrugging half-heartedly as he muttered, “She gives me them as well.”

Kade emerged a few moments later, followed by their parents. Once I was squished between my twins, who had followed through on their promise to never let me out of their sight, I found myself smirking at Garrett.

“Since you’re all for our happiness now, you won’t mind if I don’t take over your pack, right?” I teased, chuckling when he frowned and shook his head.

“Absolutely not, the pack still needs a Luna.” His severe expression softened when he finally caught on. It was still unnerving to stare into those mismatched eyes, which mirrored my own. They flickered over to Julian before he continued, “As for the High Table, it’s your decision whether or not you want to forfeit your place.”

“The girl just won, Garrett. Give her a moment to celebrate before shoving this down her throat.” Julian grunted.

“She deserves to know the risks” Garrett silenced his brother with a harsh look, “Should you choose to forfeit your place, it’ll be given to the second largest pack. You’d be crucial in wars, the largest pack in the world, but without any titles. A useful ally, or a deadly enemy.”

“Your title would protect your pack. No other High Table member would dare go after another, especially the head.” Julian concluded, “I’d think on it carefully.”

‘This is your decision, sweetheart.’ Kade’s gruff voice coiled around my mind. Our hands were clasped together, his thumb circling my hand with the same leisurely pace.

‘If you choose not to, we can make sure our pack is protected.’ Alec promised with a soft smile, and I could feel the truth in his words, but I had thought this through a long time ago.

There was plenty of time to think when I was sitting in that bedroom, wondering when Ariana and Marcus would show, what they might have me do.

“Oh, I have no intention on giving up my seat at the High Table.”

“You don’t?” Julian asked, interest and smothered excitement permeating the air.

“Of course not. I’m going to see this through.” I smirked at the two of them, my biological father and uncle. One prim and proper, adorned in crisp suits and silky ties. The other just a bit more feral, with wild eyes and shaggy hair. Both Alpha’s with a lifetime of experience, vastly different from one another. “You’ll help me won’t you, the both of you?”

Surprisingly, my excitement mirrored that of my uncles. Even with the horrible memories in my head, mixing with the beautiful and unforgettable ones, there was no fear plaguing me.

I had irreplaceable people at my side, ready to lend me their wisdom and experience, determined to keep me on my two feet.

I wouldn’t walk into this world alone, not ever again.

A few days later, we all gathered to see Jaspar and his warriors off. Many had returned home over the course of the week, but there had been some that remained to protect their Alpha.

Even Zayne, who had been staying in town this entire time, showed to say goodbye.

If there was one person who looked as sleep deprived as me, it was Zayne. There were shadows old and new that still swirled in his eyes, finally broken free by the d***h of his father.

He wore a dark dress shirt and a pair of slacks, which was casual for him.

“I suppose you won’t mind me staying in town for awhile then, considering you’re the new Head.” Zayne’s voice broke through my thoughts, his eyes narrowed as though he could tell where they had strayed. I was hyperaware of the fact that Tori stood just a few feet away, her head turned as though she weren’t listening, but I could see the way her cheeks heated at his words. “I’d also like to speak with your other…friends, Alpha Isaiah and Luna Mera.”

Unsurprisingly, Zayne Novak was a man with little in the way of friends. Marcus never needed true born alliances, not when he used fear and power as his weapons.

The twin’s, who had been speaking with Zayne increasingly, mentioned the Alpha and Luna who had been crucial in battle.

“Who will run your pack? There’s still so many wolves there.” I asked, curious about the white wolves that had chosen to remain behind.

All those who supported Marcus were either d**d or declared rogues as they fled through the forest. There had been some families who remained, ones who had lived within Marcus’s walls for generations.

Zayne had chosen to step up and repair the devastation his father wrought, rather than run and let others do it for him.

I couldn’t imagine, facing the people who blamed him, who worked beneath him for all those years.

“I have someone I trust to watch the pack for the next few months. It might be best for some of the white wolves that I don’t show my face for a while.” He frowned, and through the small crack in his wall, I could feel a cold whisper of regret against my cheek. “It’s their choice whether or not they want to stay. They’ll be given everything they need to settle into another pack. Those who want to stay will be given jobs, homes, and money to support their families.”

“That’s awful generous of you.” I replied after a few long moments, genuine surprise blossoming on my face.

Zayne rolled his eyes at the expression, but I didn’t miss how they strayed over to where Tori stood, or how his hand quickly found it’s way to the back of his neck.

“Marcus had more money than he knew what to do with. Now it’s being used.” He shrugged, feigning indifference.

I was the last to say goodbye to Jaspar, only because I knew we would see one another again.

Jaspar Fox had officially stepped down as Alpha, even if he did take over the band of white wolves he had been protecting. His eldest son would soon be taking his seat at the High Table and joining in on our mission to heal some of the damage caused by Marcus.

“She’s been nagging me relentlessly about you.” Jaspar said teasingly as the two of us watched his daughter skip about. Every so often she would vanish mid-hop, only to reappear a few feet away.

“Where will the two of you go, to your son’s pack?”

“Actually, I’m going to Zayne’s pack to oversee things for a while.” He shrugged, flashing a small grin as he watched his daughter laugh and play. “I’m bringing along the white wolves under my charge. I think it’ll help the others see that this is real, that they truly are free.”

My eyebrows lifted, “So you’re the trusted friend?”

“He called me his friend, did he?” Jaspar’s grin widened.

“Don’t poke fun.” I smirked, lowering my voice. “You’re probably the only one he has.”

“Mmm, I’m not sure about that.” Jaspar mused, his eyes flickering to where Zayne stood. “I’m thinking if he plays his cards right, that little red head will be his friend in no time.”

My gaze followed and I couldn’t help but notice that again, he and Tori seemed to gravitate towards one another. There was still a general loathing coming from her, but she couldn’t bring herself to stay away. My eyes widen a little as I realize that these next few months might give way to a lot of things.

“Come here, princess. We’ve got to get going.” Jaspar called for his daughter, chuckling as she vanished and reappeared in his arms.

An errant thought crossed my mind, something I had been wondering since watching that gut-wrenching clip on the news.

“Jaspar!” I called out, just as he and his daughter prepared to leave. “It’s been nagging me. How did you make thousands of white wolves vanish before Marcus got to your pack? There was no trace of any of you.”

Jaspar cocked his head to the side, his daughter squealing and giggling in his arms. An untraceable grin formed on his face, his eyes flashing with manic joy.

Mere seconds before he and his daughter vanished, he replied. “Who says we ever left?”


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