Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 114

Read Mated to the Alpha Twins [by Jane Doe] Chapter 114 – “Really, there’s no reason to be this difficult.” Marcus sighed, genuine disappointment in his flat, blue eyes. “You’ve lost, Aurora. This scheme of yours to invent a new world has failed, you have failed. What’s best for you and your mates, is to pick up the shattered pieces of your failure and turn them into something better.”

“And you–you’re what’s better?” I croaked, rage and malice searing the edges of my words. My head throbbed from the Assassin’s magic, forcing dark spots to creep at the edges of my vision. “All of that power has given you a big head, Marcus. We haven’t lost anything. I’m one person, there are countless more out there who will see you removed.”

“With your surrender, that spark you started will d*e out.” He replied evenly, softly even though there was nothing tender about his words. He stood over me, staring down at me with just a hint of joy in his eyes, like I was just the toy he had been searching for. “I think I’ll leave you, for now. I have many plans for you and I, Aurora. After you announce your surrender and service to my cause, we can finally begin.”

I didn’t move from my place on the floor until Marcus and the Assassin left, the metal door clanging shut behind them. I could hear the two guards outside mumbling to one another before falling silent.

I knew I was being watched, both from common sense and the small camera in the corner of the room. The one that I refused to look at. I needed privacy, and desperately hoped that Marcus wasn’t big enough a creep to place one in the bathroom.

I didn’t need to feign weakness as I used the bed to force myself into a standing position. My legs were weak, but I managed to stumble into the bathroom, grimacing at the strong scent of cleaner as it hung in the air.

The bathroom was small; with just a sink, toilet and a stall shower. I couldn’t have cared less what amenities my current room held, just that it was camera free. I scoured every inch of the bathroom and found nothing. With a sigh of relief, I turned on the shower, using the noise as cover in case there happened to be any microphones.

I glanced down at the charm bracelet around my wrist, the golden plated piece of jewelry that might just be my salvation. A last gift from Mera, just like the knife Isaiah had given me, though it was taken when I was captured.

Mera’s gift, it was meant to fool the eye.

“A gift, should you ever become separated from your mates.” She said kindly, taking one of my hands in her own. I could feel the cold jewelry graze against my skin, along with the golden heart that hung from a small chain. “Isaiah and I made a promise long ago, that we would both leave this world together. It is my hope that you and your mates will have the same future, one where you never have to live without each other. This bracelet will help you achieve that.”

“Is it magic?” I asked.

“Mm, a different sort of magic.” She smirked, holding the small heart between her two fingers. “It’s a type of human magic, called a GPS tracker. You press the heart when you want to send your location. The stone will light up for three seconds, then go out. Your mates will have direct access, along with Isaiah and myself.”

“Oh.” I flushed, wondering why I hadn’t thought of that before.

“You weren’t the only one raised by humans.” She chuckled, glancing back to where Isaiah waited only somewhat impatiently. “Should we all survive this, I’d like to tell you about them.”

I held the little heart in between my fingers, feeling my own heartbeat patter in my chest. A second passed, and then two, the shower’s waterfall running in the background. I pushed, feeling a small click beneath my fingers, followed by the little scarlet gemstone lighting up.

It sent relief flooding through me, strong enough to send me sliding down the wall, struggling to catch my breath. Once I mustered up the strength, I pulled the clothes off my body and stood under the hot spray of the shower long enough to wipe some of the ache from my muscles. Afterwards, I tumbled head first into the bed, my eyes already closed before I had the chance to crawl under the blanket.

I woke to the sound of the metal door being opened, the numerous locks clicking out of place. My eyes flew open, and I was already in a sitting position when the door swung shut.

My eyes went to Marcus first, then the Assassin as she stood at his side. The eyepatch she wore was red today, bright like her auburn hair. I could see her visibly tense, fists clenched and jaw taut as she glared at me.

I could practically taste her need to harm me, even without feeling all of those violent emotions run through her. I realized with surprise that I could feel her emotions. Even with this improvement, I didn’t dare try to pull from either one.

For a brief second, I tried to reach out to Alec or Kade-to feel their thoughts or presences, but I came up with nothing. A spot on my arm throbbed painfully, making me very aware of a burning beneath my skin.

Marcus seemed pleased by this, his eyes flitting between the Assassin and I.

“Very good, Aurora. Making smart decisions already.” He murmured his praise, lips upturned in a professional smile. He waved a hand towards the Assassin, who took two very reluctant steps back. Marcus’s voice held all of the emotion and sincerity his soul did not. “Ariana will not use her abilities on you, should you behave yourself. The silver injection is a precaution I’m afraid I cannot do without. Even so, it is not my wish for you be a caged pet. There are opportunities here for you, you just need the courage to discover them. In fact, let me show you the bounds of my generosity. Come, follow me.”

“Alpha?” Ariana-the Assassin, questioned.

For just a fraction of a second, I saw rage glittering in Marcus’s cool eyes.

“You have your orders, Ariana.” His voice was sharp, daring her to speak out.

Instead, she directed that rage onto me. Snatching my arm in her hand, she pulled me from the padded cell I was in, and out into the hallway. While she wasn’t using her magic on me, the stiletto nails she had on dug into my skin.

I took the time to look around, scanning my surroundings as I tried to memorize every detail. Wherever we were, it looked more like a mansion than a corporate building or some kind of hide out. There were c******s embroidered with golden thread, tables with vases of flowers throughout the hallways, and fancy paintings of middle-aged men with gruff looking faces.

We turned down two halls, making a left and then a right. A guard dressed in dark clothing opened the second door on the right and stepped aside.

It was clearly an office, the most organized one I had ever seen. Book cases lined one wall, full of different texts. A large desk sat to the left, free of any papers or personal belongings. A large filing cabinet sat along another wall, with each drawer labeled and tagged. Finally, at the center of the room was a circular table, the only occupied chair belonged to Zayne Novak.

Surprise threatened to blossom in my eyes, but I stifled the emotion when I felt the Ariana watching. Smoothing my features into general disdain for everyone in the room, I let out a harsh breath when she finally retracted her nails from my forearm.

Zayne Novak sat at the head of the table, wearing a slate grey suit and a blue tie that matched his eyes perfectly. A laptop sat in front of him, open with its screen brightly lit. His chocolate hair was trimmed and neat, highlighting his full brows and sharp jawline. He looked better than ever, the crack in shield still very much there. Even though there was nothing familiar in his eyes, it relieved me that Tori had an effect on the man.

“Sit down.” Marcus commanded, forcing me to grit my teeth together to keep from saying something stupid. My eyes unwittingly flickered to Zayne, who watched with perfect disinterest. Marcus’s eyes held disdain as he looked at his son, turning that same expression towards me. “Do not look to my son for rescue, Aurora. You will find nothing but disappointment, just as I have for twenty-one years.”

Zayne made no move, no reaction that would show he had even heard his father’s words.

“Now, let’s get on with it. I do hate delaying things.” Marcus smiled thinly, gesturing to the laptop his son now used.

Zayne hit a few buttons before spinning the device around to face me. This time I couldn’t stifle my gasp, nor my surprise as both Alec and Kade’s wolves popped onto the screen.

The video was only a few seconds long, but full of snarling and screaming. Kade’s wolf exploded from the forest in a rush of broken branches and snapping teeth, barreling into the first wolf he found. Alec followed after, sinking his teeth into the first who dare fight against him. The video faded out after one of the wolves was tossed in its direction, turning into nothing more than endless static.

“This is but one of many attacks orchestrated by your mates, over the course of these four days.” Marcus began, giving me no time to process the fact that four days had already passed. The rest of what he had to say was spoken with suppressed irritation. It made me somewhat smug to know that Alec and Kade were making life difficult for Marcus. “They are rather resourceful, and clearly have allied themselves with both Alpha Isaiah and Luna Mera. Not to matter, their plans are unimportant. It’s what I have to offer you. Think of it as incentive to behave. Rather than k*****g your twins, I will allow you to keep them.”

Anger flooded through me, red-hot as it surged beneath my skin. I felt the overwhelming temptation to use my magic wash over me, only suppressed because Ariana sat in the room. She narrowed her eyes at my rage, but did not use her magic to incapacitate me.

“You’ll allow me to keep my mates?” I repeated, my hands trembling as I laced my every word with venom and poison. “You will never have my support, Marcus. It does not matter who you take, or who you k**l So long as I am alive, I will fight against you.”

“For now, Aurora. You will fight, for now.” His reply was smooth and confident. His hands splayed out on the table as he smirked down at me. “Believe me, I will catch them. Just like I caught you, and the countless others before.”

Before I could answer a dull vibration ran through the room. Marcus pulled a phone from his pocket, glancing down at the text for just two seconds. A full smile broke out on his face. Given his movie star looks, the sight should have been dazzling, but his eyes were lifeless pools shoved into the hollows of his face.

“Well, what a coincidence. They’ve just attacked again.” He mused, glancing at me briefly before turning to Zayne. “Take Ariana and escort Aurora back to her room. Do try not to ruin things from the short walk between here and there.”

“He won’t keep them alive for long. Especially since you refuse to cooperate. I’m going to ask if he’ll let me have the big one.” Ariana purred, a sultry grin forming on her face.

“When we win this war, and Marcus is d**d, I won’t have to ask if I can have you.” I snarled, wishing desperately that I could hurl my rage and frustration at her.