Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 994

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 994 – She had not expected that to happen. She did not think that Madeline would do something like that, and it completely shocked her.

After a while, Madeline pushed the man away when she was feeling less emotional. There was disdain in her eyes as she said, “Don’t touch me again.”

Jeremy’s heart was in excruciating pain. When he was faced with emptiness, he felt as if his heart was cracked open.


“I’ll give you five minutes. I’ll come to pick Lily and Jack up in five minutes.”

Madeline turned around to leave after she said that. At this moment, the two kids poked their heads out from the room. Jackson asked worriedly, “Mommy, Daddy, are you fighting?”

Jeremy smiled warmly at him and grabbed Madeline’s shoulder. “Of course not. Mommy and Daddy will never fight. Stop thinking nonsense.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy in repulsion. However, in order to stop her son who was too emotionally mature from worrying, she smiled.

“There’s so much red there, Handsome Mister,” Lillian pointed to Jeremy’s left calf and said.

Madeline lowered her head to see that Jeremy’s wound had split open and bright red blood was staining the gauze.

She wanted to ignore it, but eventually, she called a doctor over to take care of his wound.

It was around dusk and five minutes had already passed. However, the little kids were still reluctant to leave Jeremy.

“Daddy, when are you coming home? I miss you so much.” Jackson looked longingly at Jeremy.

Perhaps it was because he grew up around Jeremy, so he felt a strong attachment to him.

Jeremy caressed his head apologetically. “I’ll follow you guys home later, okay?”

“Really?” Jackson asked in surprise.

Jeremy looked at Madeline as she stood there with ice on her face before nodding.

Madeline thought he was just joking. She never expected him to want to be discharged.

Ken drove over to pick him up.

Jeremy ignored the wound on his leg and insisted on being discharged.

The two kids followed him into the car and they went back to Whitman Manor together.

Madeline drove her car alone, and on the way, she received a call from Ryan. Then, she remembered that she had promised to have dinner with him at his place.

However, Madeline still went back to Whitman Manor first.

Karen was delighted when she saw Jeremy. However, when she saw his injuries, she felt her heart shattering.

“Jeremy, did you come back to stay with Eveline again?”

“I can’t stay for long.” Jeremy’s words were profound. “I need to be responsible for what I’ve done.”

Immediately, a look of concern appeared on Karen’s face. “Jeremy, were you really the one who set the fire?”

Jeremy could not deny it even though what happened that night was blurry in his head.

He looked at Madeline. She had not spoken a word the entire time. Then, he said softly, “I think so.”

“It’s all because of that witch Lana!” Karen yelled angrily, “That woman is so diabolical! She used you to hurt Eveline and now, you and Eveline…”

As Karen was saying that, the maid came over and reported, “Madam, there’s a Mr. Jones outside for you.”

Mr. Jones?

Ryan Jones?

Jeremy guessed before seeing Madeline taking her purse to go out.

“Mom, I’m not having dinner tonight and might be home late. Please take care of Pudding for me.”

Karen grabbed Madeline after she heard that. “Is that Ryan? Are you eating with him?”

Madeline nodded. “I’m going to his place for dinner.”

“What? You’re having dinner at his place? Um… Are you and Ryan really…” Karen wanted to say it but stopped herself a second later. However, Jeremy could guess what she wanted to say even if she did not finish her sentence.

Not only had he seen the rumors about Madeline and Ryan’s relationship, but he also heard about it.

Madeline smiled. “Mr. Jones is polite and refined. Plus, he’s also a one in a million nobleman. However, considering his qualifications, I don’t think he’ll be interested in a divorced woman who already has three children. Although if he’s really interested in me, I’ll consider it,” she said and looked at Jeremy coldly.

Even though her heart was bleeding, her face showed no emotions. “Please sign the papers so that we can divorce as soon as possible. I don’t want to be Mrs. Whitman anymore. I want to be myself and start a new life. And the same goes for my marriage.”