Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 959

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 959 – Jeremy unknowingly uttered that one word.

He felt something tug on his heartstrings, making him shudder.


Why did he just say ‘Linnie’ out loud?

Madeline got up after the child was asleep. When she lifted her head, she saw someone standing at the door.

She walked over curiously and spotted Jeremy.

Madeline closed the door vigilantly. “Don’t come near my son.” There was a hint of contempt in her eyes. “I’ll give you the aromatherapy kit tomorrow. I have to be with my son today.”

Madeline expected Jeremy to reject her request, but to her surprise, he agreed.

After a while, Eloise and Sean arrived. When they found out about Jeremy’s condition, they felt troubled as well.

“I wonder when he’ll get better? I’m worried as he’s still with that Lana woman,” Eloise was concerned and said in a small voice, “Your father contacted his friend in F Country and got some information about Lana Johnson. She’s involved in an organized crime syndicate.

“Plus, her brother, Yorick Johnson, is extremely powerful in F Country. He dabbles in both the good and bad sides. It can be said that this woman had been tyrannizing everyone since she was young and would get everything she laid her eyes on.” Sean was worried as well. “Eveline, now that this woman is interested in Jeremy, she won’t give him up so easily.”

Madeline already knew about all of these.

However, in order to stop Eloise and Sean from worrying, she pretended she had no idea about any of it.
Sean was feeling sorry for his daughter, so he had already taken action. “Eveline, just endure this for the time being. I’ve already asked my people to look into the Stygian Johnson Gang. As long as we get some concrete evidence, I’ll report them to the police. When that happens, we’ll incarcerate Lana so that Jeremy can come back to you.”

Madeline stopped him when she heard this. “Dad, stop the investigation.”

“Why?” Eloise was puzzled. “Eveline, your father just hopes that you and Jeremy can get back together soon.”

“I understand.” Sean was smart. “Eveline, don’t worry. I’ll be careful with the investigation. I won’t let them notice anything.”

However, Madeline was still worried. “No, you can’t investigate them. You’ll be in danger. You can’t underestimate their power in F Country. The people you hire to investigate might be one of them. Anyone who can be bought with some goodies isn’t reliable at all.”

Eloise felt that this made sense after she heard it. “Sean, you should listen to our daughter. Stop the investigation.”

“Alright, I’ll put a stop to it,” Sean answered.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief. The next day, she went back to the office to pack the finished aromatherapy kit and personally delivered it to the villa.

However, when she entered the building, she saw Jeremy on a call with Lana. Then, she spotted a cigarette between Jeremy’s fingers.

He was smoking again.

She glanced at the cigarette box on the desk and walked over. She wanted to take one of them so that she could run some tests on it. However, when she picked up the box, Jeremy turned around after he ended his call.

Jeremy smirked demonically when he saw Madeline with the cigarette box. “You want a taste as well?”

Madeline tossed the box back to where she found it and put down the aromatherapy kit. “I did what you asked me to. Remember what you said to me and don’t cause any trouble for my family.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a small smile. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers.

Madeline smelled a special scent invading her nostrils and felt her consciousness drifting for a few seconds.

“Do you like this smell?” Jeremy’s charming voice glided into her ears.

Madeline looked at the faint smile on the handsome face in front of her. Then, she lifted her hands without being able to control herself and placed them on Jeremy’s cheek.


Jeremy was sober as he watched Madeline looking at him like she was in a trance.

For some reason, his heart started pounding when he heard her calling him like that.

Madeline circled her arms around his neck and placed her face against his shoulder. “I’m so happy to see you come back safe and sound, but why did you forget me…”

Jeremy felt something sinking in his heart when he heard her confused voice. He felt his heart melt in that instant.

“I’m not Jeremy,” he answered coldly out of the blue.

Then, Madeline’s arms around him loosened abruptly.