Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 950

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 950 – “I might as well tell you this. This recording, before it was in your hands, I had already asked the staff back at the restaurant. I wouldn’t have displayed this recording if it wasn’t for you guys blaming me.

“Naomi, you started this first. You invited yourself into this mess.”

“Eveline, you…” Naomi was flushing out of anger. Unable to suppress the rage within her, Naomi raised her hand and was about to slap Madeline.

However, just as she lifted her hand, Ryan’s father bestowed her a tight slap across the face.

“You’re one h**l of a shameless lady. You’ve committed such a crime, yet you’re still putting on an innocent look. You misled us to accuse another innocent person. I’m telling you, I’ll cancel the wedding between you and Ryan. The Joneses will never accept such a lady like you as our daughter-in-law!”

Ryan’s parents were apoplectic with rage as they announced their statement publicly and left the scene while feeling exasperated.

Karen stopped them and said with a stern expression, “Are you guys thinking of leaving just like that? You owe my daughter-in-law an apology.”

Ryan’s parents knew they had wronged Madeline. With their faces flushed scarlet, they apologized to Madeline.

Then, they left the scene while dragging Ryan along with them.

Ryan glanced at Madeline apologetically before leaving.

Naomi quickly went ahead to catch up to them. With many people taking pictures of her, she buried her face in her palms and fled anxiously.

Among the crowd, there were a few still in discussion while some offered their apologies to Madeline.

Karen waved her hands, blocking the crowd at the doorway before closing the door.

In the ward, there were only Karen and Madeline there, but Karen was feeling rather restless.

She put on a tough look as though she was not bothered and placed the soup she had brewed down. “I’ll excuse myself for now as I have other things to attend.”

Karen did not dare to look into Madeline’s eyes and strolled to the doorway.

Madeline stared at Karen’s back and let out a gentle smile. “Thanks, Mom.”

“…” Karen’s hand which was grasping the doorknob fumbled. Her legs felt heavy as though they were filled with lead.

The corners of her eyes were drenched with tears as she felt utterly bashful.

“Mom’s soup is the best. I haven’t had the chance to taste in the past, but for the coming month, I’ll be sure to drink it to my heart’s content.”

Tears finally came streaming down Karen’s face when she heard the comment.

However, she still did not dare to face Madeline directly.

All these years, she was always going against Madeline, giving in to other people’s provocations and always muttering curses at Madeline.

Although Madeline could let go of all the grudges, she still could not forgive herself.

Karen lowered her head, opened the door, and quickly left the room.

Madeline understood Karen’s feelings. Perhaps she would need some time to compose herself and accept her as her daughter-in-law.

As for the incident that occurred earlier, Madeline was positive that Lana was the mastermind who added fuel to the flames.

After Lana got to know of the entire incident, she got so mad that she kept cursing and swearing at Madeline.

Just when she was thinking of a strategy to defeat Madeline, Yorick called. Lana was told to head back to F Country as a business case that she was in charge of had bumped into some problems.

Lana was not satisfied to head back just like that. However, she was left with no other options. As such, she decided to have Jeremy go against Madeline.

‘Only by having Jeremy torture her will Madeline suffer.’

Currently, Jeremy heeded every instruction given by Lana. After knowing that Madeline had to be hospitalized in a VIP ward, he immediately went over that night to seek trouble with Madeline.

Madeline had unbuttoned half of her shirt and was breastfeeding Pudding when suddenly, the door of the ward was pushed open.