Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 949

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 949 – A very strong voice had broken through the crowd.

The voice astonished Madeline, and when she looked up, she was surprised to see Karen holding onto an insulation soup pot. She was pushing her way through the crowd to enter the ward, looking infuriated.

Ryan’s parents had bumped into Karen before at a few business gatherings and even exchanged conversations.

In their memories, they only recalled that Karen used to hate Eveline as her daughter-in-law. ‘Why is she protecting her now?’

As Ryan’s parents were deep in their thoughts, they let out a scornful smirk. “Karen, your daughter-in-law did such a thing to my daughter-in-law, yet you’re still defending her?!”

Karen glanced at Naomi with a critical gaze. “Why can’t I defend my daughter-in-law when you guys are even willing to protect your daughter-in-law who’s so wild and shameless? My daughter-in-law is such a well-mannered lady and is far more prestigious than this woman right here!”

“You…” Naomi thought of throwing a temper, but with so many people staring at them, she held back.

However, that was not the case for Ryan’s parents. “Karen, the fact is right before our eyes. Your daughter-in-law has ruined my daughter-in-law’s life! Look at this video, look at what your daughter-in-law has done!”

Karen was not bothered, but when she sneaked a glance and saw Madeline exchanging the wine glasses, she got a shock. Nonetheless, she chose to stand beside Madeline no matter what was going on.

She admitted that she was not a bright lady, but after Madeline had saved her from pinching situations a few times, she could not afford to suspect Madeline’s personality.

Karen calmly watched the video till the end and enquired, “This video doesn’t show the beginning nor the end. How are you going to determine it was my daughter-in-law who drugged your daughter-in-law? Where does it show her drugging the drink? And where’s the d**g itself?”

With Karen asking all those questions, it threw not only Ryan’s parents and the crowd into a daze but Naomi as well.

Naomi quickly explained before all the suspicious points were turned against her again. “Then why did she pretend to drop her stuff if it wasn’t Eveline who drugged the drink in the first place? She even took that time to switch our wine glasses!”

As soon as Naomi was done speaking, Madeline sauntered her way to the front with a carefree expression.

“Naomi, regarding your question, I’m guessing it’s puzzling everyone present here as well. Then, please lend me your ears as I’m about to tell you why.”

Madeline opened the photo album on her phone and displayed a full video of the scene that took place in the restaurant.

Naomi’s eyes widened. She was flabbergasted. ‘Impossible!

‘As soon as Lana got her hands on the video, she immediately asked the staff in the restaurant to delete all footage from that time.

‘It’s near impossible that Madeline will have the footage.’

However, the truth was that Madeline did indeed have the full version of the recording.

The recording displayed every single detail to the crowd, from the moment Madeline got up and headed to the washroom, to Naomi sneakily taking out the pill and scattering its contents into Madeline’s glass, and to the moment when Madeline intentionally dropped her keychain to switch the glasses.

The crowd who witnessed the entire scene retrieved their pitiful gaze for Naomi and replaced it with a look of anger.

Ryan’s parents were so mad that they were speechless after they saw the tape.

“This… So it was you who wanted to d**g Eveline?!”

“No, I didn’t!” Naomi shook her head to deny it. “Rye, you must believe me!”

Ryan glanced at Naomi with a disappointed look. “I guess I didn’t know you well enough.”

“No, it’s not like that. Rye, this is all part of Eveline’s plans!” Naomi insisted on blaming Madeline. However, with the truth displayed in front of everyone, none of them bought her bluff.

Naomi was anxious. “Eveline, this is your way of setting me up. Or else, how would you have known that there was a problem with the wine?!”

“Are you forgetting what I used to be?” Madeline asked with a smile, “I used to be a perfumer.”

“…” Naomi was dumbfounded. A chill coursed through her from the bottom of her feet.

Madeline calmed down and explained, “My nose is very sensitive to any slight changes in the smell. What’s supposed to be in the wine and what’s not, I know it all very well.”