Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 946

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 946 – She spun around to leave when she noticed Ryan coming into the room.

Ryan was astonished to witness Naomi n***d while having fun with a group of men.

Naomi saw Ryan and called out to him while still euphoric, “Hey Rye, come, let’s have fun together…”

Ryan was a man with an obsession for cleanliness. On any ordinary day, he would not even allow anyone to sit in his car. How could he endure such a situation where his fiancée was having such intimate sessions with a group of men?

He fumbled about, feeling disgusted as he turned around to leave. Lana called out to him, “It’s obvious that someone has drugged Naomi. Ryan, are you going to just leave and let the person who drugged her off the hook?”

“Drugged by others?” Ryan instantly came to a halt.

Lana immediately put all the blame on Madeline. “It’s only obvious she has been drugged. Do you think Naomi is being her usual self right now? Ryan, do you know who was with Naomi earlier? She must have consumed something that she wasn’t supposed to consume.”

‘Who was with Naomi earlier?’

Ryan suddenly thought of Madeline. “Not long ago, she was having a meal with Mrs. Whitman at a restaurant.”

“Mrs. Whitman? You mean Eveline Montgomery?” Lana purposely misled him. “Now that’s weird. Previously, Naomi argued with Eveline because of the wedding ring design. It looks like she’s the one who drugged her.”

“Impossible, she’ll never do such a thing.” Ryan denied it.

“But aside from her, who else would’ve done it? Are you going to believe in Eveline instead of Naomi?” Lana asked intentionally.

Ryan’s brows furrowed closely together. He could not bear to see the scene of Naomi still mingling with the few men before him. He picked up a bucket of cold water and splashed it onto Naomi’s face.

Naomi was dumbfounded but still in a euphoric state.

Lana immediately chased the few men out of the room. Putting on a fake, worried look, Lana covered Naomi with a blanket. “Naomi, snap out of it. Eveline is such an evil one, but don’t you worry, I’ll avenge you. Whatever she has done to you, I’ll have someone return the favor to her as well!”

Ryan’s eyes glittered when he heard her comment. “I’ll ask Eveline what’s happening. You take good care of Naomi for the time being.”

Lana noticed that Ryan’s attitude toward Naomi had changed for the worst as though he despised Naomi now. However, the Joneses were one of Lana’s targets. She could not afford to lose such a precious customer. She ordered someone else to send Naomi back home.

After Naomi recovered, she realized just how serious the matter was.

Even though the live stream was stopped, the internet was still bombarded with her face along with some brief video clips.

Naomi’s status as a celebrity was all made up by Lana, yet her image was ruined overnight. She was anxious. With her back against the wall, she was wondering how she should fix her situation.

Lana was smoking a cigarette with a dark expression. “Eveline, she must have done something.”

“How’s that even possible? It’s impossible.” Naomi was puzzled, but after she went through the CCTV clips Lana brought back from the restaurant, they left Naomi stunned.

She quickly made a call to Ryan, but the latter did not answer. As such, she made a trip to the Joneses household.

Ryan’s parents were extremely satisfied with their daughter-in-law, and they did not know about the news on the internet. Seeing that their future daughter-in-law had come looking for their son, they immediately notified her that Ryan was in his room.

A sense of disdain dwelled within Ryan the moment he saw Naomi.

Feeling heartbroken, Naomi burst into tears when she saw Ryan rejecting her.

“Rye, I’m being tricked by Eveline.”

“Why would she trick you all of a sudden?” Ryan counter-questioned, his elegant face decorated with rage. “Is it because for the past two years of dating, I’ve never broken through that last barrier between us, hence you’re now seeking for other men to keep you company?”

Naomi shook her head and cried harder. “Rye, aren’t you going to believe me? Since young, I’ve never tainted my body. I’ve been keeping myself for our wedding night when I’ll give my first time to my husband. How could I have done such a thing? It was Eveline who pulled a trick on me. It was her. If you don’t believe me, then please have a look at this.”

Naomi handed over part of the CCTV clips that Lana had shown her earlier.

Ryan was stunned when he saw the scene.