Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 945

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 945 – “So, this is the chick, huh?”

“Not bad-looking.”

“Then, let’s start having fun!”

The few men started circling Naomi.

Naomi knew that something was not right, but she could not control her body.

Despite those few men looking ugly and irritated, Naomi was not bothered about their looks. The most important thing to her at that moment was that they were all men.

What she needed desperately to fulfill her urgent needs was a man.

The moment Madeline came out of the room, she saw the few men entering the room where Naomi was in.

Her sixth sense was telling her that it was a trap set up by Naomi. As she was expecting, not long after leaving the clubhouse, there was much hot news springing up on the screen of her phone. The news was claiming that a celebrity in Glendale was having intimate sessions with a few men in a room. The news was trying to hint that the celebrity was Eveline.

Madeline clicked into one of the live streams and witnessed a scene that would send chills to one’s spine.

The video was showing the same room earlier. The few men, along with Naomi who was n***d, were carrying out an unpleasant activity.

In the video, Naomi was very high-spirited and completely different from the noblewoman image she had.

Seeing the truth made Madeline’s hand tremble due to infuriation.

She realized the woman in the room could have been her if she had not sensed something fishy about it all.

She could have become a joke to everyone, and she could have lost her image. If that had indeed happened, it would be extremely hard for her to continue living her life.

Madeline grasped her phone, her eyes glistening as everything came to light.

‘It’s you, Lana, isn’t it?

‘You’re the one who plotted this scheme with Naomi against me.

‘Unfortunately, Lana, you’ve underestimated me.’

On the other hand, such a video became a hot topic on the net.

Lana sat in front of the computer. Her eyes looked as though they were about to pop out as she watched the female main character in the video.

“What’s going on?!”

She roared and immediately gave orders to take down the video from the internet. She then made a call to Naomi.

The call got through, but Naomi did not answer.

“S**t!” Lana was apoplectic with rage and quickly headed over to the clubhouse. She slammed the door open and saw Naomi still high and still having fun with the few men.

Naomi saw Lana and even invited her to join the fun with a delighted expression.

Lana immediately knew that Naomi must have consumed the pill given by her.

However, what kept her puzzled was that she had discussed the plan with Naomi beforehand that they would make Madeline take the pill and make her have fun with the few men. They would then upload the ugly side of Madeline on the internet, allowing the world to admire it. It would then completely shatter Madeline’s image. Of course, if Madeline found it humiliating, she would be better off committing s*****e.

Nevertheless, the current situation was completely different from her imagination!

Lana was in a rage seeing Naomi in a euphoric state.