Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 943

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 943 – Lana looked at Jeremy’s body hungrily.

His physique was slender and perfect, comparable to those of top models.

The first thing that caught Lana’s eyes about Jeremy was his physical appearance. After that, she was attracted to the affection he gave and the aura he exuded.

In the past few months, she had spared no expense in manpower and resources just to get this man.

Tonight, her opportunity was finally here.

Jeremy got off the treadmill and looked at the woman approaching him, but there were no waves in his heart—let alone changes to his heartbeat.

Lana put out the cigarette butt, stood in front of Jeremy, and looked at him coquettishly. She slowly closed her eyes.

Jeremy looked at Lana who was waiting with her eyes closed. He raised his hand and pressed it on the back of Lana’s head, but he could not lower his head and k**s her no matter what.

The k**s with Madeline at the beach of April Hill that night came to his mind.

That night, he was clearly playing Madeline and a peck would have been enough, but when his lips touched Madeline’s, all the cells in his body became excited. He could not help but k**s her deeply for a long time.

Lana was still waiting for Jeremy’s k**s, but after waiting for a while, Jeremy still had not kissed her. She opened her eyes with a little dissatisfaction and saw Jeremy frowning as he let go of her.


Jeremy gave her a nonchalant look. “Another day.”

After speaking, he turned and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Lana was left there as anger surged inside of her.

Three months had passed and Jeremy stayed with her every day, but he had never once touched her.

He never even held her hands.

Although he had lost his memories and completely forgotten about the past, it was clear that his body still remembered who the woman he wanted was.

She pulled out the secret photos taken in April Hill and saw the picture of Jeremy kissing Madeline. They looked so serious and so reluctant to let go of each other. She threw the phone out the window angrily, and it just so happened to hit Naomi who came to look for her.

Naomi picked up Lana’s phone and went to the gym on the second floor. She found out why Lana was angry after asking her.

“Why be so angry? You’re the Lana Johnson. Being angry will only degrade your style.”

Naomi smiled sullenly and gave her some suggestions.

“Remember what Eveline said in front of the reporters last time? If she said that she has only one husband and only one man in her life, then you can let the whole Glendale and even netizens from all over the world see for themselves that Eveline does not only have one man. She has a group of men.

“When everyone sees how much fun she’s having with a group of men, we won’t need to do anything anymore. She’ll be finished.”

Lana hung around with the bad kind, so she quickly understood what Naomi meant.

She threw a cigarette to Naomi. “You’re getting cleverer after hanging out with me for so long.”

Naomi triumphantly lit up the cigarette and smoked skillfully. She was not ladylike at all and acted like a gangster girl.

“I’ll leave it to you, then.” Lana handed the task to Naomi.

Naomi agreed readily and immediately called Ryan to ask Madeline for a meet-up.

Madeline still had lingering fears about Jeremy’s attempt to snatch her child last night, but Ryan had called her to ask her about the wedding ring design, so she asked Eloise and Sean to take good care of the little infant.

Although Naomi’s behavior previously repulsed Madeline, Ryan had helped and rescued her before, so she thought that it would not be nice to reject him. As such, she went to the restaurant where she had agreed to meet him.