Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 941

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 941 – “Jeremy,” Madeline said with joy, “Did you come to see our baby?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline who was smiling and walked to the glass window indifferently. He looked at the newborns lying in the incubator in the nursery. His thin lips parted slightly as he asked, “Which one is yours?”

His tone was so weak that one could not tell any emotions from it.

Madeline smiled and told him, “The second in the last row, the smallest one.”

There was a beam of joy in her beautiful eyes as her slender fingers pointed at the little infant who was fast asleep. “It’s a boy. He’ll probably look like you in the future.”

“How can your son look like me?” The man’s words suddenly felt like a basin of cold water that was poured over Madeline.

She looked at the cold man in surprise. “Jeremy?”

“Are you still dreaming about that? Your husband Jeremy is already d**d,” he said bluntly without mercy, his harsh words piercing Madeline’s heart like an invisible ice pick.

When Madeline heard him, she slowly clenched her fists and forced herself to calm down before smiling indifferently. “Well then, may I ask what brings Mr. Zimmerman here? It’s not to see my son, right?”

Jeremy chuckled. “Of course I’m not interested in seeing your son. I’m just here to confirm the goal.”

“What?” Madeline’s calmness broke into pieces again. “What do you mean?”

Jeremy did not answer Madeline. His thin s**y lips were curled into an intriguing smile as he walked straight to the door of the nursery. After opening the door with a master key, he walked purposefully toward the child who Madeline had just pointed out.

“Jeremy? Jeremy? What are you trying to do?”

Madeline hurried and followed behind to stop him. When she saw that he had opened the incubator to take the child away, she pulled him away and held the sleeping little baby tightly in her arms.

When Jeremy was faced with Madeline who was fully resistant, he reached out to her. “Give it to me.”

Madeline looked sharply and firmly at him. “Jeremy, you can forget about me, but ask yourself, what are you doing now?”

“I don’t need you to judge what I do. Give the kid to me.” Jeremy’s attitude was very tough.

Madeline looked sadly at the man with sullen eyes. “Jeremy, what’s the matter with you? This is your own flesh and blood. Did Lana make you come again? Why did you become like this?”

“You hit my woman. Do you really think that you can live peacefully after doing such a thing?”

“Your woman?” Madeline found it ridiculous and sarcastically said, “So you stay with Lana every night? What else do you do with her?”

“I have no obligations to tell you.” He seemed impatient and went up to grab the child from Madeline’s arms.

At that moment, a nurse on duty came in. When she saw the scene, he hurried over. “Mrs. Whitman, is that you? Why did you come in by yourself to take the child? Quickly put him back into the incubator. If the child catches a cold, it’ll be bad news.”

Madeline quickly put the little infant back. She wanted to take a better look at the baby for a little while longer, but Jeremy suddenly took her hand and Madeline was forced to follow him out of the hospital.

Madeline felt cold when the chilly evening breeze of the summer blew by.

She broke free from Jeremy’s hand, and her gaze was still sharp. “Jeremy, even if you have amnesia and even if you don’t remember everything that we’ve done together, have you lost your basic conscience? Do you know what you’re doing for Lana?”

As she looked at the unique and handsome face, disappointment gradually emerged in her eyes.

“Maybe you really aren’t the real Jeremy. My Jeremy would not be acting this way.”