Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 933

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 933 – When Winston saw that Madeline was admitting it, he looked at her in shock.

Karen felt even more irritated. “Eveline, are you not ashamed of yourself? It has only been a short time since Jeremy passed away and you’ve already found a new love? How can you be so immoral and do such things with another man? You—”

“Can you just listen to me?” Madeline interrupted Karen, saying, “Look carefully and you’ll see that the man in the photo is Jeremy. He’s still alive.”



Winston stood up abruptly, as shocked as Karen was.

“Can’t you even recognize Jeremy from his back?” Madeline handed over the photo.

Even though it was only his back, Madeline had always been able to tell that it was him.

When Karen glanced at it, she crushed the photo into a ball and threw it at Madeline’s feet. “Do you think that getting a man who is about the same size as Jeremy will allow you to slip through so easily? You said this is Jeremy, right? Fine, if you can get Jeremy to come over right now, I’ll believe you! Not only will I believe you, but I’ll also kneel down and bow down to you!”

Madeline did not know how she should bring Jeremy to Karen and Winston right at this moment.

She finally understood why Jeremy was so gentle and intimate with her last night.

It turned out that it was for someone to take those photos of them.

Sure enough, when Madeline turned on her phone, the pictures of her alleged affair were everywhere on the internet.

There were too many horrible things being said about her in the comment section. She turned off her phone and chose to ignore it all.

“Whether you believe it or not, Jeremy is really alive,” Madeline emphasized to Winston and Karen without moving her stance. “I’ll say it for the last time. I only have one husband in this life and it’s Jeremy Whitman. Whatever happens in the future, it’ll only be him.”

Madeline knew that it was useless to explain and did not want to waste her time explaining herself again.

After she turned and walked away, she heard Karen continue using incredibly colorful words to curse at her.

As soon as she stepped out of the gates, she received a call from Lana.

Lana’s voice sounded delightfully proud. “Eveline, were you happy last night? Doesn’t it feel great to k**s your beloved man? Unfortunately, Jeremy still doesn’t remember you at all. All he did was what I told him to do.

“Eveline, this is the price for hitting me. Wait and see because there’ll be more painful things coming to you soon.”

Lana hung up the phone after she said those words with content.

Madeline sat in the car, her mind recalling Jeremy’s tenderness last night. He was only that way because Lana had told him to do so. Her heart felt as if it was being p*****d needles.

According to what Lana said, she was not going to stop just there.

Madeline looked at her seven months pregnant belly and made a decision.

She was not going to sit still.

Eloise and Sean saw what went viral and immediately found someone to take the pictures down.

Despite that, the damage had already been done.

Some clients even canceled their contracts and orders with Whitman Corporation.

Eloise and Sean saw that Eveline was distressed, so they told her not to go back to the company for the time being and to raise the baby at home with peace of mind.

Madeline did not want her parents to worry about her, so she stayed at Montgomery Manor and got Ken to continue checking on Jeremy’s whereabouts.

In the evening, Madeline drove to the kindergarten to pick up the two children from school.