Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 929

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 929 – There was a glimmer of hope in Madeline’s eyes.

She thought that perhaps the man still had feelings for her.

However, Jeremy looked at Madeline as if she was just a stranger, or perhaps even an enemy.

“You’re following me again. Who sent you?”

It turned out that he thought she was following him again.

Madeline knew that the man’s memories were still lost, so she decided to suppress her emotions. She looked at him sadly and asked, “Are you really not Jeremy?”

Jeremy tried to figure out Madeline by looking at her. He stared deeply into her lonely and teary eyes.

Madeline frowned as she lifted her hand, her round fingertips falling on the man’s cheek.

She only got a light touch when Jeremy grasped her hand tightly.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his tone and expression extremely cold.

Madeline’s eyes looked hurt. “Mr. Zimmerman, you look exactly like my d**d husband.”

As she said that, she took her phone out of her pocket. The photo on the screensaver of her phone was the family photo they took on the yacht that day.

Jeremy looked surprised when he saw the man in the photo.

However, he still gave her a solemn warning without mercy. His eyes were narrowed when he said, “Don’t think of me as your d**d husband anymore.”

He let go of Madeline’s hand unhappily before walking away naturally and without restraints.

Madeline swallowed all the grievances and sadness she felt, packed up her emotions, and went into the house.

Ryan was not there, and Naomi was looking at Madeline’s design intently.

After looking at it for a while, Naomi put down the iPad and her face showed contempt. “The industry seems to have overstated your abilities, Mrs. Whitman. Even my six-year-old nephew can come up with a design like this. I can’t believe that this came from a top-notch designer like you.”

Madeline’s female secretary, Coco, quickly explained with a smile, “Ms. Lionel, the design of the wedding ring was done according to Mr. Jones’ ideas. If you feel that it’s unsatisfactory, you can bring it up with your husband and we’ll modify it as you wish.”

When she said that, Naomi suddenly looked at her with a cold look. “Who the h**l are you? Why are you speaking on behalf of your boss?”

Coco was stunned by Naomi, and her facial expressions changed. She did not dare to speak anymore.

Naomi’s attitude at the moment convinced Madeline even more that she was the woman who had secretly attacked her.

When Ryan was not there, her nasty personality showed its ugly head without holding back.

Naomi glanced at Madeline with even more contempt. She asked mockingly, “Mrs. Whitman, are you not in the mood to design it properly because your husband’s d**d? This design costs six figures. Are you worth that much?”

“Whether I’m worth that much or not is not based on my opinion, but it’s different when it comes to whether you’re worthy of this six-figure design.” Madeline calmly and casually returned the insult. “Since your six-year-old nephew is capable of doing this design, I’ll have to suggest you not to waste your money and let your little nephew design it for you instead.”

Naomi did not expect Madeline to reply to her in this way. She was a little frustrated and said, “Is this how Whitman Corporation treats its customers? Eveline, are you trying to lose business?”

“The motto of businesses is indeed the customer is always right, but if the customer doesn’t even have the minimum respect for people and things, I’ll just treat them this way.”


“Also, Whitman Corporation doesn’t need your business, Ms. Lionel.”

Madeline smiled lightly, picked up the iPad, and looked at the secretary. “Let’s go, Coco.”

She turned around sharply, but when she looked up, Lana was in front of her smoking a cigarette. A proud smile appeared on her face as Jeremy followed behind her.

“Eveline, apologize to my friend. Otherwise, don’t think about leaving here today.” Lana threatened and walked to Madeline as she took another puff. “You should know, I’m not a good person.”

Madeline looked at her calmly. “Lana, if you’re so capable, go ahead and get your hired k****r to come out and k**l me now. If not, move so that I can leave.”