Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 927

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 927 – Madeline’s hand that wanted to give her another slap was tightly held in the air.

She saw Lana smiling wickedly, but soon, she showed a sad look to Jeremy. “Hans, she hit me.”

When Lana said that, Madeline could clearly feel the strength of Jeremy’s palms increasing.

She furrowed her eyebrows in pain and wanted to recall the man’s memory, but Jeremy’s eyes merely looked down coldly at her.

It had been a long time since she saw him look at her with such cruelty.

At that moment, he was looking at her the same way.

That showed that he had completely forgotten about her.

“You dare hit my woman? Are you trying to get yourself k****d?” Jeremy tugged at Madeline’s wrist.

No matter how painful her hand felt, it did not hurt as much as the words he was saying at that moment.

‘His woman.’

Madeline choked down the urge to cry. Her eyes remained unyielding and sharp. “I’m the only one who’s your woman.”

She stared at Jeremy’s cold eyes. “Jeremy, you won’t forget me forever. One day, you’ll remember me.”

Jeremy looked at her gaze, his grip seemingly relaxing a bit.

When Lana sensed that Jeremy was moved by Madeline, she immediately walked over. “Hans, my face hurts.”

Her words were obviously used to antagonize Jeremy, but Madeline did not expect Jeremy to get so angry about her slapping Lana.

His eyes narrowed fiercely, and Madeline felt as if her wrist was about to be crushed.

She did not cry out for pain, let alone begged for mercy. All she did was stare right at the man who looked like he was going to k**l her.

“I don’t hit women. Since you’re pregnant, I’ll let you go this time. If you dare to mess with my woman again, it won’t end as well as this time.” Jeremy warned before tossing her hand.

He had used a great force and did not save any pity for her.

Madeline staggered onto the wall behind her and felt a sudden pain in her abdomen.

She instinctively protected her belly, but when she looked up, she saw that Jeremy had already turned around and was protecting Lana.

The two’s back view was reflected in Madeline’s eyes, and the image seemed to be ingrained in her heart. It stung her.

She still believed in Jeremy, believing that in the deepest part of the man’s heart was her shadow.

He had just temporarily forgotten her.

Madeline was no longer in the mood to stay at the party. She was almost seven months pregnant, and the push from Jeremy discomforted her a little.

She was about to call her secretary to pick her up when Ryan happened to pass by and saw her.

When he saw that Madeline was not quite right, he quickly walked over to support her. “Mrs. Whitman, are you feeling alright?”

“My stomach feels a little uncomfortable. Mr. Jones, can I trouble you to walk me to the seat over there for a while? My secretary will be here to pick me up soon.”

Ryan nodded and helped Madeline onto the bench. When he saw that she was getting paler and paler, Ryan suggested. “Why don’t I take you to the hospital?”

Just as Madeline was about to refuse, Naomi walked toward them.

Although Naomi had a friendly smile on her face, her eyes were clearly dissatisfied.

“Rye, what’s the matter?” She walked over to them with a puzzled look.

“Mrs. Whitman is feeling a little uncomfortable and I’d like to take her to the hospital,” Ryan explained.

“Mr. Jones, thank you for your offer, but I can go to the hospital by myself. Please stay at your party and don’t worry about me.” Madeline stood up and walked toward the elevator.

Madeline’s finger that pressed the elevator button began to tremble as a thin layer of cold sweat formed on her forehead.

She did not know if it was because Jeremy’s push had triggered her pregnancy nausea but she started to experience sharp pain with increasing frequency in her abdomen.

She told herself to stay calm and to go on.

In any case, she had to restore Jeremy’s memory before the baby was born.