Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 925

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 925 – She stared at the handsome figure not far away as she hurriedly pushed aside the crowd in front of her, working hard to get closer to that figure.

If it was not for her being pregnant, Madeline would have run up to him.

She could only walk steadily one step at a time, but that seemed to separate them even further.


She shouted at the man from the back, her heart racing even more and more anxiously.

She expected the man in the distance to look back, but he did not respond to her call.

In the end, Madeline chased after him to the outside of the banquet hall, but after turning toward the long corridor in front of her, it was empty.

The figure that had been in her line of sight just now disappeared without a trace as if it was just a phantom.

Madeline stood blankly in the hallway, suddenly wondering if she had gotten mentally sick from missing him so much that she began to have hallucinations.

She lowered her bleak eyes and smiled bitterly.

‘Eveline, he has already left you.

‘He has already left forever…

‘From now on, you can no longer feel his warmth or get his gentle care.’

Madeline turned around lifelessly to walk back, but the moment she turned around, she suddenly found a person standing behind her.

A small glimpse from the corner of her eyes made Madeline’s heart lose its normal beating frequency.

She glanced back suddenly and the man’s sharp but delicate handsome face came into view for a moment.

Madeline’s eyes widened. She was completely stunned.


She whispered, not knowing whether what she was seeing at the moment was an illusion or reality.

He was very close to her, and his familiar cold fragrance wafted into her nose. It felt so real.

Madeline’s heart was pounding frantically. She raised her trembling hand, stretching it toward his face. When she was about to touch the man’s face, however, her wrist was suddenly held tightly by the man in front of her.

This painful force cleared up the fog in Madeline’s thoughts and consciousness.


‘This is not an illusion!

‘This is real!’

She never once forgot his touch and the warmth of his palm!

“Jeremy, it’s really you!” Madeline shed tears from being so surprised. She wanted to hug the man, but she was pushed away.

“Who sent you? Why have you been following me?” the man asked in a cold voice. His eyes that were as deep as night was filled with iciness and coldness.

Madeline was slightly stunned. She looked at the man with the cold eyes in disbelief. “Jeremy, I’m Eveline.”

“Eveline?” It was clear that he had never heard the name.

Even though he saw that Madeline’s eyes were brimming with tears, he let go of her hands indifferently.

“Don’t follow me anymore, or I won’t be so kind next time.”

After the man warned her, he walked past Madeline.

Madeline took a deep breath, restrained her disordered emotions, and quickly took the man’s hand. She asked nervously and with worry, “Jeremy, what’s wrong with you? Did you lose your memory? Did you hurt your head when the yacht exploded that day? Did you forget about me?”