Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 924

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 924 – More blatant and targeted words flew toward Madeline from everywhere as she turned sharply. “Fine! I’ll just do as you wish and allow the truth and evidence to slap you in your face!”

As Madeline said that, she fiercely threw a USB flash drive onto the face of the male reporter who had just said that.

“H-How can you hit someone?”

“Oh, was there a person here? I thought I was just hitting a foul-mouthed, nasty stink bug!”


“This is the surveillance video I just got from the restaurant. It clearly recorded the situation when I was with Ryan at the time. Pick it up, watch it for yourself, and apologize to me publicly after. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that all of you will never get a job in this industry ever again!”


Madeline turned around after speaking what she wanted to say.

Those people could not wait to get their hands on the USB flash drive to see what it contained. The video showed that when Madeline got up from her seat in the restaurant, she slipped on a pool of water. When she tried to grab onto a table for support, Ryan stepped forward and supported her from the back. Madeline had almost fallen over, so a waiter hurriedly went over to apologize to her.

It was obviously just an accident.

The so-called cuddling was just Ryan supporting her from her fall, but all the heartless paparazzi exaggerated and falsified the story.

The people who chased after Madeline and questioned her just now were embarrassed and ashamed.

The paparazzi were even more panicked and quickly apologized, but they were also afraid that Madeline would hold them accountable.

If Madeline wanted to b**n them all to the ground, there was no stopping her.

A woman in the crowd saw what was happening and stared at Madeline’s back while she snorted with contempt.

After Madeline returned to the office, she soon saw clarifications on the internet and apologies from major certified media companies.

Madeline scorned when she read the articles.

Suddenly, Madeline received a call from Ryan. It was clear that he had done nothing wrong, but he still apologized. “I didn’t think that helping you would give way to a nasty rumor. I’m very sorry for troubling you.

“Today is my fiancée’s birthday. I’d like to invite you to join a dinner party tonight. I hope that you can make it. Both my fiancée and I want to offer you an apology face to face.”

Madeline thought for a while and decided to go.

It was because it could also be an opportunity for her to show her unyielding attitude to the public.

She would not avoid a big event despite what happened.

However, when she saw Ryan’s fiancée, Naomi Lionel, that night and heard the charming girl speak, Madeline was surprised to find that her voice was exactly the same as the voice of the person who questioned her earlier today.

It turned out that the person who said such words was Ryan’s fiancée, Naomi.

However, the smile she had on at that moment was friendly and amiable—completely opposite to the way she was when she stood in the corner this morning.

Madeline did not want to expose her.

Naomi also greeted Madeline politely at that moment. “Mrs. Whitman, I heard all about you in my city. The jewelry you design is all so beautiful. Thanks for putting so much effort into our wedding rings.”

She was soft-spoken and gentle. When she looked toward the entrance of the banquet hall, she said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Whitman. My friend is here. Rye, let’s go over and greet her.”

Madeline smiled and nodded. When she looked toward the crowd casually, she saw a person who was ingrained deep in her heart.

Madeline’s heartbeat suddenly sped up. “Jeremy?”

She suspected that she was having hallucinations again.

Even if it was just an illusion, Madeline wanted to chase after the person.