Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 915

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 915 – A huge hole seemed to have broken through Madeline’s heart. It was clearly summer, but a chilly winter-like wind had poured into her body.

Madeline felt very cold.

She also felt that everything was gray in front of her eyes.

At this time, Ken rushed in from the entrance with a solemn expression. Seeing that Madeline was already awake, he walked over. “The salvage team has returned. There are some things that I would like to ask Madam to head to the police station to confirm.”

Madeline endured her grief. She nodded and went with Ken. A steady stream of verbal abuse from Karen could be heard from behind.

Madeline came to the police station, but she could only see scraps of messy and shredded clothes. Before they had set off to sea, he was wearing a white tee, but now it was stained red with blood.

Madeline gently picked up a piece of the red-dyed cloth with trembling fingers, her tears flowing silently from her eyes.


She did not have the courage to continue looking. He was clearly so alive not long ago, but now he had become a pile of relics.

Madeline took a deep breath. She wanted to turn around and leave, but she suddenly noticed a very familiar item in the scraps.

She grabbed the bookmark in shock, her head buzzing.

That day in front of her grandpa’s grave, he had b****d the bookmark in front of her and said that he would have a clean break with her.

Why was the bookmark showing up here?

Could it be that he was just making such an action at that time to make her mistakenly think that he had b****d the bookmark as well as his love and fixation for her?

Yet it turned out that the bookmark was still there and his feelings for her had never disappeared.

Madeline went back to her and Jeremy’s room. She lay on their bed alone and gently caressed the pillow that he had lay on.

His scent in her nose grew fainter and fainter until she could no longer smell it.

Recalling the day before his accident, she had still argued with him and even slapped him.

‘I should’ve trusted you. Even if you really had something going on with Lana, you must’ve had your own reason.

‘Why couldn’t I have been calmer? Why couldn’t I control my own emotions and instead doubted and questioned you about your feelings for me?


Madeline shut herself in the room for two whole days. No one saw her during this period of time.

After receiving a call from Eloise that Karen wanted to take care of the f*****l, she immediately rushed to Whitman Manor.

Karen saw Madeline and wanted to drive her out angrily. “Eveline, you cruel and venomous woman! You’re a bearer of ill luck! You ruined Jeremy’s career, and now you’ve even k****d him. How dare you still enter through these gates? What qualifications do you have to come here?!”

Madeline raised her red, swollen eyes and looked calmly at Karen who was verbally abusing her as she wished. A cold aura oozed off her delicate, palm-sized face.

“Why can’t I come over? This is my in-laws’ house.”

“In-laws? Hah,” Karen sneered and glared at Madeline with hatred. “You k****d Jeremy and you still have the face to say that this is your in-laws’ house?! Go away!”

Winston stopped Karen and persuaded her, saying, “Karen, you’re too much! Eveline is Jeremy’s wife, after all! She’s your daughter-in-law.”

“What daughter-in-law? I don’t have such a merciless daughter-in-law! She kept saying that the Whitman family and Meredith harmed her, but now it seems that she’s worse than Meredith. At least Meredith was truly in love with Jeremy. At least that woman wouldn’t be cruel enough to k**l Jeremy!”

“Shut your mouth up!”

Old Master Whitman came out of the room holding his crutches while trembling. He sternly criticized Karen, “Eveline is the one who is suffering the most now that something has happened to Jeremy!”

Karen chuckled disapprovingly. “She’s suffering? What suffering does she have? She’s the one who planned this out!” She was certain that Madeline was taking revenge on Jeremy. “Jeremy was k****d by this venomous woman but you guys still believe her. She has been planning to k**l Jeremy a long time ago so that she could live a happy life with that b*stard Felipe!”

“Huh, that’s right. Once Jeremy dies, then I can live a happy life.”

Suddenly, Felipe’s cold chuckle came from the entrance.

Madeline looked back, and as expected, she saw Felipe.