Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 911

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 911 – Looking at Madeline’s accusatory and reprimanding gaze, Jeremy’s expression did not change. “That’s right, I’m going to do the same thing again. I won’t let you take this medicine again.”

Madeline loosened her fingers that were gripping Jeremy’s collar. Her heart was aching as she said, “Jeremy, say it again.”

“Eveline, I’ll never let you take this medicine again.”


Madeline slapped his face, her hands trembling in anger. She felt her mind to be in even more of a mess now. Her tugging thoughts made her whole consciousness chaotic, even making it difficult for her to breathe.

She fixed her gaze on the man who was furrowing his eyebrows in disappointment.

“Jeremy, what kind of person are you?

“Do you want to see me d*e, or do you want to see the child in my belly d*e?

“Since you’re so indifferent to me and the child, why did you pretend to be so affectionate with me in the first place?”

She looked at the wordless man with red eyes and let go of her hand.

“Are you interested in Lana? Have you fallen in love with that shameless woman? If that’s the case, I approve of you two!”

Madeline pushed the man in front of her away and walked out.

Jeremy hurried to catch up with Madeline, stopping in front of her.

“Where are you going?”

“To ask Adam for medicine,” she said decisively, “You want me to d*e giving birth to this child, but I want to live healthily! Step aside!”

Madeline pushed Jeremy away and wanted to leave, but the man embraced her.

“I will never let you go to Adam, and you can’t take this medicine again.”

Madeline’s heart became even colder. Looking at the man pressing onto her hard, tears fell from her eyes. “Jeremy, if I don’t take Adam’s medicine, the child and I will d*e. Do you want me to d*e so badly?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s tears, his heart constricting.

Her tears seemed to be hitting his chest and scorching his heart.

He lifted her cheek and gently wiped away the tears on her face. His gaze was profound.

“Eveline, I want you to be well, so you can’t take those pills anymore.”

“I only know that if I don’t continue taking these pills, both the child and I will d*e.” Madeline was persistent in going to look for Adam to get the medicine. She did not forget that it was because of Adam’s medicine that she had survived till Jackson’s birth in p****n.

Now that she was suffering from the same disease, there was no other way but for her to rely on Adam’s medicine.

Seeing Madeline stubbornly pushing him away to go look for Adam, Jeremy choked up and pulled Madeline forcefully back into his arms.

“Jeremy, let go of me.”

“I won’t let you look for another man.”

“What another man? Adam is my doctor.”

Madeline was frustrated, but her eyes were still sharp.

“You can go ahead and book a hotel room with Lana, so why can’t I contact another man? Jeremy, just Lana alone was enough to turn our relationship into this. It seems that you don’t love me that much.”

She said he did not love her that much.

Jeremy could accept all of Madeline’s misunderstandings, but he could not accept her denying his feelings for her.

He confined Madeline who wanted to escape in his arms. He then bowed his head and kissed her.

Madeline thought of the scene of him kissing Lana last night and wanted to avoid him, but she could not beat the strength of a man.

Both of her hands were pressed behind her back as his lips were domineeringly pressed against hers, wantonly preying and occupying her sweetness.

Madeline struggled to no avail, so she could only bear with it.

She did not know how much time had passed before Jeremy let go of her lips. His narrow eyes carried a touch of intense love. Meanwhile, hers were filled with tears as she glared at him.

“Eveline, we’ve been through so much together. I just want to tell you that my heart for you has never changed.”

Madeline pursed her lips. “I saw you and Lana cuddling together. You even kissed her.”

“What you saw wasn’t real,” Jeremy explained. Seeing Madeline’s sad gaze, he hugged her gently. “Linnie, don’t let people with ulterior motives ruin our feelings for each other. I only have you and have only ever had you as my woman. You’re the only one in my life.”