Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 896

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 896 – Seeing him close to exploding, Madeline accepted the apology and sent the delivery boy away.

“I’m alright. Don’t worry, relax.”

Madeline comforted the man.

However, Jeremy remained staring heavily at Madeline with a solemn look in the corner of his eyes.

“Of course, I’ll be worried. I can’t bear to see you hurt at all, not even a scratch.”

Fabian third-wheeled by the side.

He was about to ask how Lillian was doing when a woman walked over.

She had a grey bob and was dressed in clothes that hugged her seductive figure. Walking over, she gave a friendly smile and introduced herself.

“Hello, I’m Lana Johnson, Fabian’s elder sister.”

It turned out Fabian had an older sister as well.

Neither Jeremy nor Madeline wanted to be too close to the Johnson family, so the man wrapped his arms around Madeline and turned.

“The Whitman boys are just more alluring than the other.”

Lana quirked her red lips with interest as she stared with a joyful smile in the direction Jeremy and Madeline left.

Walking Madeline to her office, Jeremy asked curiously, “How did you know what those 30 roses represented, Eveline?”

“You always used to get 88 roses for the person in the cemetery, so I searched it up.”

Jeremy was stunned.

The 88 roses were a testament of his will to make up for the past, as well as how he felt then.

Jeremy left for a meeting, leaving Madeline to tinker with the fragrance in the room alone.

Madeline used her sensitive nose and knack for creating new perfumes to easily come up with a few new and unique scents.

After registering a trademark and a brand for Madeline, Jeremy then pushed the products to the market.

A few days later, the feedback received was not bad.

The weekend arrived, and Jeremy brought Madeline to see Adam.

Adam handed over a bottle of medicine and stated that it was to be taken with the previous one for the best results.

Madeline thanked Adam and went to have lunch with Jeremy in a restaurant, only to meet Fabian’s sister, Lana, there.

With a look filled with passion, she came to join them and handed over her name card. “Unlike my brother Yorick, I dabble in legal businesses. I quite like your newest perfumes, Mrs. Whitman, so I was wondering if we could pursue a partnership?”

Jeremy was about to reject her when he felt a leg touch his under the table.

He first thought that it was an accident but then found the infatuated looks Lana was giving him from the corner of his eyes growing more presumptuous.

Jeremy tucked his legs back, his expression growing cold.

He was about to bring Madeline away, but she seemed to be engrossed with replying to her texts. He did not want to bother her, let alone let her know of Lana’s actions under the table.

“I’m taking a call, Jeremy. You can talk to Miss Johnson first.” Madeline got up and left.

Jeremy thought to take the chance to bring Madeline away, only to have Lana stand in his way just as he was about to get up. She leaned toward him unabashedly. “I like your scent, Mr. Whitman. It might just be love at first sight.”

Jeremy warned without sparing Lana a glance. “Please respect yourself, Miss Johnson. I have a wife.”

“That’s even better. I like stealing other people’s things. Plus, there has never been a time when I didn’t get what I want.” Lana curled her red lips and stared at Jeremy’s frosty side profile, her desire clear as day. “Would you like to try dating me, Mr. Whitman? You’ll find that I love you more than your wife does.”

Lana’s straightforwardness made Jeremy uncomfortable. Seeing as Madeline had hung up and was about to turn around, Jeremy decided to bypass Lana to get to Madeline. What he had not expected was for Lana to suddenly pull his arm back and get on her tiptoes to k**s him.