Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 893

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 893 – Knowing that none of them came with good intentions, Felipe’s bad feeling was confirmed when he set his eyes on what Dice was referring to.

Taking the opportunity of a dazed Felipe, Dice immediately pushed Felipe’s gun away and stood up.

“Hmph. How’s this, Master Whitman? Since you love your wife so much, then we’ll use this to trade the company. It’s worth it, isn’t it?”

“Give her back!” Felipe oozed with fury.

Dice then handed a document to him with an evil smile. “This is a document for the transferral of the company’s ownership. Sign below and I’ll give you your stupid urn back.”

‘Stupid urn.’

The words ignited the flames of fury within him.

Balling a veiny fist, the frost that exploded off Felipe stunned everyone in the room.

He raised his fist to punch Dice across the face. It was strong enough to knock one of his teeth out. In the next moment, he arrived at the side of the man with Cathy’s ashes before anyone could react.

Snatching the urn in record speed, he elbowed everyone out the way and ran out of the house with Cathy’s ashes in his arms.

“Catch him! K**l him! Whoever does it gets a million dollars from me!” Dice ordered, offering a hefty reward.

At the mention of so much money, everyone ran after Felipe.

The rain was pouring that summer night, and Felipe spared glances at the urn in the passenger seat next to him as he drove. He kept his eyes on the cars following behind him from the rear-view mirror.

“Don’t worry, Cathy. No matter what happens, I promise I’ll be with you.”

He vowed to the air before stepping harder on the accelerator.

After a while, Felipe realized that the car was short on gas

He stopped the car and carried Cathy’s ashes away.

He had only taken a few steps when they arrived.

These were the same people who worked under him and who greeted him courteously, yet all of them were raising a gun at him now.

Felipe was unfazed as he was only concerned that Cathy’s ashes would be disrupted.

The rain was heavy and it quickly drenched him. Taking off his jacket, Felipe placed it over the urn to protect it.

“We don’t want to make this difficult for you, Master Whitman. All you need to do is sign—”

“My wife is the only one allowed to demand things from me.” He interrupted crisply, raising his own gun.

These people were hardly Felipe’s opponent, so they aimed their guns at Cathy’s urn instead.

Watching them aim at the urn, Felipe quickly took it in his arms and shielded it with his body.

A bullet pierced into Felipe’s calf, and blood fell freely from the wound, d***g the grass under him crimson red.

Having gained a taste, the person knew that there was no point shooting Felipe and aimed for Cathy’s urn again.

With a bang, the bullet grazed Felipe’s arm and pierced through the urn.

White ashes sprayed everywhere, blurring Felipe’s line of sight.

“Cathy!” he shouted her name in agony.

As he watched her ashes evaporate and melt away under the rain, the ache in his heart grew beyond what could be described.

“Just sign the papers, Master Whitman. Before you—”


Felipe fired, the bullet piercing through the man’s knee.

He raised his reddened and glistening eyes. “Do you have a d***h wish? Very well, then. I’ll fulfill it for you! All of you can go and accompany my wife in the afterlife!”

Everyone was startled when they saw Felipe’s fierce and bloodthirsty look.

Realizing that Felipe might go on a k*****g spree, they immediately began to retreat.