Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 886

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 886 – “Eveline was right. None of the Whitman family men are good men. If any one of us were even half the man Grandfather was, perhaps the women who love us so much would not have been so deeply hurt.”

He raised his frosty and fierce gaze.

“I’ve already turned over a new leaf, Felipe. What about you? Will you not own up to your mistakes? You would go and surrender yourself if you have even the slightest bit of conscience left in you. Or you can wait until I hand the police the evidence they need.”

Jeremy warned solemnly as he gave Cathy’s tombstone one last look, his deep gaze filled with hurt. Then, he turned to leave.

Dazed, Felipe stood in the wind with Cathy’s ashes held preciously in his arms. A deep swirl of emotions flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t worry. I promised you, so I’ll make sure it happens. Wait for me.”

He left with the wind blowing in his face and her urn in his hands.

Madeline took care of Lillian in the hotel until Jeremy returned at nightfall.

She prayed that Jeremy would tell her that Cathy was still alive, that the certificate of cremation was a lie. Instead, all he could give was a confirmation of the dreaded news.

The next day, Madeline and Jeremy arrived at the cemetery to visit Cathy’s grave.

They had wanted to pay their respects but instead found her grave disturbed and her urn nowhere to be found.

Madeline and Jeremy had no other choice but to leave.

Getting into the car, Madeline received a call from Fabian. “I received news that Felipe has just boarded his private jet to Glendale, my lady. Are you guys returning to Glendale too? Does that mean I’ll never get to see you again?”

While Madeline had not put the call on speaker, Jeremy could still hear Fabian’s comment as he was sitting by her side.

He took Madeline’s phone and replied coldly on her behalf, “You’re always welcome to visit Glendale, Mr. Johnson, and I promise I’ll settle you right in. However, my wife’s rather busy, so it’d be best if you called me instead next time.”

He then hung up the phone and sent his number to Fabian.

Jeremy returned the phone to Madeline to find her staring at him with a questioning look in her eyes.

Realizing that his actions may have gone overboard, Jeremy quickly explained himself, “I just… I don’t like seeing you too close to other men, Linnie.”

He said sincerely, “I felt really uncomfortable when I saw you with Daniel all the time back then. It was only long later that I realized it was because I liked you, so I—”

“So you were jealous.” Madeline finished his sentence.

The tips of his ears b****d. “Yeah, I was jealous. I wanted you to belong to me and only me.”

Madeline’s heart warmed. This was the first time she had seen him getting jealous. Only now did she know that he had truly misunderstood her and Daniel all those years ago.

With Lillian in tow, Madeline and Jeremy returned to Glendale.

Eloise and Sean were shocked to find a healthy and safe Lillian!

Having been told the whole story, the couple were furious for they had never expected Felipe to be such a complex and scheming person.

Finally meeting Jackson, Lillian was beyond elated.

The two held hands as they played happily together.

Jeremy felt his heart warm at the sight, but he quickly grew despondent.

His own daughter was still calling him ‘mister’.

While he may claim that it was alright, his heart yearned to hear her call him ‘Daddy’.

At that moment, Jeremy held Madeline’s hand as they made their way through Whitman Manor again.

Standing by his side, she entered the house elegantly and full of poise.

Having received Jeremy’s call that he was going to bring his wife home to meet Grandpa and stay for dinner, Karen immediately went to the kitchen to cook up a feast.

Hearing activity from the living room, she came to greet them with a smile. After setting her eyes on the people by the entrance though, her expression immediately fell. “What’s going on, Jeremy? Didn’t you say you’re going to bring your wife home for dinner? Why is she here again?”