Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 885

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 885 – “Master Whitman, our men have just gotten to April Hill. We’ve asked around, and from an old man, we can confirm that there had been a family with a daughter by the name of Cathy.

“The father of the family ran a small business, so their family was rather well off. However, he and his wife met a tragic end during one of his delivery trips.

“His relatives took his house and threw his daughter out.”

The person confirmed.

“Master Whitman, it’s confirmed that after the d***h of her parents, the daughter who was thrown out was indeed Miss Cathy. They gave me an image of Miss Cathy when she was young. I’ll send it to you now.”

With that, Felipe’s phone received the image.

On the display was an old picture, one that caused the tears brimming in Felipe’s eyes to fall.

It was the same smile he had engraved into his memory—the very one that haunted his dreams for the past decade.

Felipe wanted to smile, but his vision became blurred from the tears.

His arm drooped limply, and the red string fell to his feet. He then went down on his knees, kneeling in front of Cathy’s grave.

‘It was you all along, Cathy.

‘You were the girl who pulled me from the dark.

‘I’ve been searching for you all these years when you were right there by my side.

‘Yet I’ve done such ruthless things to you.

‘Why was I so stubborn even when Eveline told me she was not that girl?

‘Why did it take you leaving me for good for me to realize that you had already b****d your existence into the deepest part of my heart? Why was I so late?


He scoffed self-deprecatingly as indescribable ache tugged at his heartstrings.

Felipe stayed at the cemetery for a long while.

Cathy’s d***h had already broken him from the inside.

Now, coupled with the knowledge that Cathy was also the girl from before, the pain Felipe felt in his heart was all-consuming.

He stared at the tombstone for a long time before he made the decision.

“I’ll bring you home, Cathy. Back to where we first met.”

He would bring Cathy’s ashes with him.


After dashing to the cemetery, Jeremy felt his heart clench when he saw Cathy’s name engraved on the tombstone.

He strode up to grip Felipe by the collar and glared fiercely at him. “Even if you didn’t like Cathy, that doesn’t mean you had to k**l her in cold blood. How could you k**l a girl who’s been in love with you for over a decade?!”

Felipe quirked his thin lips unfeelingly. “Did you not hurt Eveline the same way all those years ago? Who are you to teach me a lesson now?”

“You’re right, I was downright horrible to Eveline and I did so many inexcusable things. But I never tried to k**l her.”

Felipe sneered in disagreement. “What proof do you have that I was the one who k****d Cathy?”

He did not want to admit it, let alone face the fact that he had indirectly k****d Cathy.

Glancing at Cathy’s tombstone, Jeremy pushed Felipe away. “I’ll find evidence that it was you. I will find the truth for Cathy, and I will avenge her d***h.”

“Avenge? Ha.” Felipe smiled meaningfully. “Do you think that Cathy would be fine with me being in a state like that? She wouldn’t. That’s why even at her d***g breath, she begged for us to start over.”

An aloof smile graced Felipe’s features, fueling the furious flames in Jeremy’s eyes as he took in the irony of the situation.