Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 876

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 876 – She turned around in shock and was met with Jeremy’s frosty expression.


She stared frantically at the man walking toward her. Pushing Madeline’s hand away, she turned and ran only to have something hold her by the neck again the next second. Meredith had just taken two full breaths when the feeling of s*********n overcame her again.

Jeremy’s fingers were like icicles, seeping into her skin and causing Meredith to shiver.

It felt like Jeremy was truly about to k**l her.

Anger oozed from the man as his grip tightened. The strength he exerted was enough to reopen the wound on his shoulder, causing blood to seep out.

Madeline immediately grabbed Jeremy’s hand. “Let go of her, Jeremy.”

She persuaded him not because she pitied Meredith and not because she did not want Jeremy to face m****r charges because of such a person, but rather because her heart hurt to see his injuries worsen.

Jeremy had no desire to let go. She could feel the k*****g intent ooze from his bones.

His hatred for Meredith was not something that could be put into words.

Not even the d***h of Meredith could placate his anger for the years he and Madeline had wasted.

Jeremy’s gaze grew unhinged as Madeline grabbed his other hand.

“I hate her just as much as you do, Jeremy, but she’s not worth being charged with m****r for. Think about Jack, think about Lillian. Our family hasn’t even had the chance to reunite yet. Let go of her, Jeremy. Jeremy!”

Jeremy’s rationality was slowly reined back with every shout Madeline made.

He loosened his grip on Meredith’s neck, causing her to fall unconsciously on the ground with a thud.

Madeline felt her heart ache as she stared at the man’s reddened eyes and shaking fingers.

She took Jeremy’s hand to find it ice-cold. “Jeremy.”

Jeremy still wanted to tear Meredith apart, but he slowly turned his frosty features to look at Madeline as she called out to him.

Staring at the angelic features under the sun, Jeremy felt his heart clench as he remembered how she previously suffered because of Meredith.

He pulled Madeline into his arms and embraced her tightly. “I’m sorry, Linnie.”

Madeline comforted the man whose emotions were still haywire. “You have nothing to be sorry about with me. Nothing at all.”

Meredith was brought back to the Stygian Johnson Gang. Fabian splashed her with a bucket of ice water and Meredith’s eyes fluttered open.

“How dare you take someone from my hands? You must have a d***h wish.” Fabian flashed a look at his subordinates.

A man by his side walked up to grab Meredith by the collar and smacked his palm across her face. Meredith’s lips split upon contact, causing her to howl in pain.

“Speak. Where did you hide Lillian?” Fabian interrogated.

Meredith was stubborn, refusing to tell even after she had been beaten up. Smiling sinisterly, she said, “Have Eveline come and see me. She’s the only person I’ll tell Lillian’s location to.”

“I’m right here, so talk.” Madeline walked inside.

Lying face down on the ground, Meredith glared fiercely at Madeline. “Have everyone leave. We’ll settle this here and now, Eveline Montgomery!”