Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 867

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 867 – When she walked over to take a closer look at it, the door of the study opened.

Felipe entered.

When he saw Cathy here on time, he curled the corners of his lips in satisfaction.

Cathy was stunned by his soft smile and gentle look. However, when she thought about the two children she lost, she felt her heart growing cold again.

“I guess you’re willing to do anything for Jeremy now,” Felipe said profoundly, walking in front of Cathy.

Cathy turned her face away in disgust. “Jeremy is my fiancé, so of course I’m willing to do everything for him.”

Felipe’s smile disappeared. He did not want to hear Cathy telling him that she was concerned about another man.

“Since you care about him so much, then from now on, please me. If not, don’t even expect him to leave F Country safely.”

The threats that fell into Cathy’s ears were like the words of a devil. Once again, they crushed her heart.

Cathy did not know how much time had passed. When she woke up, there was no one next to her, but she could hear the sound of the shower running coming from the bathroom.

As she turned, she noticed that Felipe’s scent still lingered in the air.

It was the smell that she was obsessed with back then.

However, everything was different now.

She got up and put on her clothes before ordering some take-out.

Felipe was taking a shower inside his bathroom, but his brows were furrowed together this entire time.

He did not know why he did that to Cathy. He just knew that he did not want to see her concerned about Jeremy and ignoring him.

He would not allow a woman who was so in love with him back then to betray him for another man.

He put away the drenched hairband on his wrist and walked out in a bathrobe.

When he walked back into the bedroom, he saw Cathy opening the take-out box. She then took out a box of pills before taking out one.

When Felipe saw this, something clicked in his brain and he rushed in front of Cathy. Then, he grabbed her hand that was holding the pill.

Cathy was taken aback, and the pill fell on the floor.

Felipe took the box and looked at it. At this moment, his eyes were red from either the shower or his emotions. “What are you doing?” he asked while grabbing her hand tightly.

Cathy looked at him coldly and said nonchalantly, “Birth control. Can’t you see?”

Her cold attitude made Felipe’s breath hitch. “How dare you eat this?”

“Why not? Should I let you k**l another one of my children just like the previous two times?”

“…” Felipe was shocked when he heard that.

Cathy pushed his hand away and popped one of the pills into her mouth.

Felipe’s heart sank when he saw her determination.

He grabbed Cathy’s head and pressed his lips against hers.

Cathy was shocked. When she finally came back to her senses and wanted to struggle, Felipe had already taken out the pill that she almost swallowed.

He stared at her with his crimson eyes, and his heart was beating erratically. “Don’t you resent me for k*****g your child? I’m now giving you a chance to get pregnant and become a mother!”

He roared, his breathing becoming erratic.

Cathy looked at his angry eyes with no fear. “Do you think I’ll still have your child? Do you think I’m so stupid that I’ll miscarry three times for a man like you? Felipe Whitman, I have no feelings for you anymore!”