Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 862

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 862 – His elegant and handsome face was filled with dark clouds. “Jeremy, what did you do to Cathy? Why is she so obedient to you? Are you going to steal everything I want from me, be it my woman or career?”

Jeremy lay on the bed without even batting an eyelid. “Things that were stolen, be it people or items, will slip away sooner or later. Felipe, Cathy loved you deeply back then but you didn’t appreciate her.”

It was as if Felipe had heard a colossal joke. “Did you appreciate Eveline back then? Why is she still not willing to let a scumbag like you go after you almost caused her to lose her life?”

Jeremy widened his narrow eyes and looked at Felipe coldly. “We’re the same in that we’re both scumbags. However, at least I reflected. What about you? Did you ever feel an ounce of remorse after knowing Cathy k****d herself for you? You didn’t. If you did, you would’ve stopped pestering my wife.”

“Your wife?” Felipe snorted. “Your wife is now in another man’s arms.”

Jeremy sat up abruptly, his movement pulling on his wound. However, he did not care. “Felipe, what did you say? What did you do to my wife?”

“I won’t do anything to Eveline. She’s the one who ran into another man’s arms and this person—”

“And this person is me?”

A man’s clear voice came from the door of the ward.

Jeremy looked over while furrowing his brows.

Fabian had his hands in his pockets, looking like an arrogant and hedonistic yuppie. “Let me introduce myself. I’m the second-in-command of Stygian Johnson Gang. As for who we are, well…” He looked at Felipe. “Whatever he’s doing, that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Felipe’s face fell in displeasure. “Fabian, why are you here?”

“I want to take a look for myself at the man that cutie pie likes.” Fabian looked at Jeremy up and down without respect. “So-so. I think I have a bigger chance at winning.”

After he said all those provoking words, Fabian flipped his silver hair and peered at Felipe. “Mr. Whitman, there’s a commercial dinner party at Prosperity Hotel this weekend. Are you interested in talking business?”

After he finished saying that, he turned around. Then, after staying silent for a few seconds, Felipe followed after him.

Jeremy could not sit still anymore. He was too bothered by what Fabian said just now.

He could not get into contact with Madeline these few days. He did not have another way of getting a hold of her aside from looking for her in person.

However, when he dragged his wounded body to the door, the person he had been missing this whole time appeared in front of him.


“Go in.” Madeline grabbed his arm and helped him back to his room.

Jeremy could not describe how he was feeling at this comment. He sat down obediently according to Madeline’s wishes.

“You haven’t eaten, right?” Madeline opened the lunchbox she brought and slowly took out the food she prepared.

She knew it would be hard for Jeremy to use his hands, so she picked up the fork to feed him.

Jeremy chewed on the food while his eyes were on Madeline’s face the entire time.

“Linnie, you’re so good-looking.”


“Linnie, did you really make this yourself? I think I taste love in here.”


Madeline did not have anything to say to that. She had no idea why Jeremy would say this.

She did not know that she would get to hear something like this when two people were in love with each other.

After she helped Jeremy eat and take his medicine, she helped him lie down.

When he saw Madeline packing so that she could leave, Jeremy pulled her to his side. “Don’t go, Linnie. I don’t want to let you go.”

How rare. There was a hint of aggrieved childishness in his charming eyes. “I don’t know why you’re so cold to me. You said you only remarried me to get revenge on me. I can let all of those matters go, but I just want you to stay with me now.”

Madeline sighed softly after she heard that. “Jeremy, I know you’re troubled and upset that I purposely ignored you and was cold to you. But I did all that for a reason.”

Jeremy’s grip on Madeline’s hand tightened. “Tell me. Why?”