Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 849

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 849 – Madeline yelled Jeremy’s name in h****r.

When she looked at the splattered blood, she felt as if all the blood in her body was frozen.

She pressed Jeremy’s gunshot wound hurriedly with her hands, but it did not seem to work. Her fair hands were quickly stained red and the crimson was hurting her eyes.

“Jeremy, Jeremy.” Madeline’s heart was beating erratically. Her red hands held Jeremy’s handsome face as tears welled up in her eyes.

Jeremy frowned and endured the searing pain from the gunshot wound. Then, he lifted his hand slowly to touch Madeline’s tear-drenched face. “Eveline, don’t cry. Don’t cry for scum like me.”

His heart was breaking as he narrowed his eyes. They were filled with the same deep passion he had for her.

“I won’t d*e before you return to me.”

Although he was speaking weakly, it did not hinder the vigor in his eyes.

Felipe put away his pistol and walked behind Jeremy. “Where’s the video?” he asked straightforwardly.

Jeremy peered at him and curled his lips into a smirk. “If something happens to me, the video will be made public online. Felipe, do you want to risk this?”

Felipe frowned, clearly agitated.

He did not like being threatened.

When he saw Madeline crying while holding Jeremy, Felipe lifted his pistol once again.

However, when she saw this, Madeline ran in front of Felipe and snatched his pistol away from him.

It happened too suddenly that Felipe was too slow to react.

When he came back to his senses, Madeline was pointing the pistol at him in an imposing manner.

“Tell someone to send Jeremy to the hospital!”

She was ordering him and not pleading with him.

Her eyes were red from crying and were shining with a sharp glint.

“Do you hear me? Send Jeremy to the hospital now!”

The bodyguards all ran over after they heard the gunshot. When they saw this, they did not know what to do. They did not dare to touch Madeline.

Felipe’s eyes darkened, but he was still patient with Madeline. “Eveline, put down the gun. Have you forgotten how he used to treat you? Can you really forget what he has done to you?”

Madeline tightened the grip on the pistol calmly, her eyes piercing. “Don’t tell me that. Send him to the hospital!”

Felipe saw the concern in Madeline’s eyes, and at this moment, he could only compromise.

Jeremy was sent to Royal Hospital. The surgery took a long time and Madeline was extremely frantic.

Even though she had changed and washed her hands, she still had some remaining blood on her palms.

Madeline touched her stomach and felt the warmth coming from it. Eventually, her body did not feel so cold anymore.

‘Jeremy, don’t you dare let anything happen to you. I’m waiting for you to raise the child in my stomach with me.

‘When I gave birth to Jack and Lily, you weren’t with me. I want you to be with me when I give birth to this child no matter what…’

She thought about it while her heartbeat accelerated. When the door of the operating theatre opened, she looked over quickly. Then, she saw the doctor walking to Felipe and saying respectfully, “Sir, even though the bullet has been extracted, he has lost too much blood. I’m afraid he won’t make it through the night.”

Felipe was unbothered after he heard what the doctor said.

He looked over at Madeline. If it were not for the tears in Madeline’s eyes, he would have thought that she had turned into stone.

Felipe walked over and lifted his hand to wipe the tears away from her eyes. “You’ll be heartbroken if he’s d**d, right?”

Oddly enough, Madeline chuckled calmly after she heard this. Then, she lifted her piercing gaze. “Felipe, listen. I don’t want him to d*e, do you understand?”

Felipe frowned. “Why are you still so concerned about him?”

“I also want to know why a good girl like Cathy loves a man like you with all of her heart?”