Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 845

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 845 – Felipe was surprised. He looked at the dispirited and pale person in front of him, asking, “Did Jeremy release you?”

Madeline nodded without an expression on her face. “Yeah, he did. He even promised not to expose you, but as a condition, you have to let him go back to Glendale.”

Felipe listened to her, then asked with a soft smile, “Eveline, is that your condition or his condition?”

“Doesn’t matter whose condition it is. You can’t keep asking people to hunt him down anymore.” Madeline was firm, and there was a hint of dominance in her red eyes. “If you ask someone to hunt him down again, then don’t expect the child in my stomach to come to this world safely.”

After she said that, Felipe’s smile disappeared.

When she said this, Madeline felt as if a thousand knives were slicing through her heart.

A few hours ago, she had been forced to undergo an a******n.

The child was gone.

However, she would not let Felipe know this.

Of course, she would not let him know that the child had belonged to Jeremy either.

Felipe was clearly reluctant with that condition, but he still compromised. “Okay, I’ll promise to let him go back to Glendale.” He walked in front of Madeline. “Eveline, you have to rest and take good care of your child. I’ll tell my men to stop the hunt now.”

He finished saying that with a soft smile. Then, he took out his phone and walked to the door.

He turned around to look at Madeline who was looking down. Then, he ordered, “Everyone, go to the international airport now because Jeremy might be there. Keep him alive until he hands over the video.”

Madeline did not hear what Felipe was saying. However, at this moment, she was feeling groggy and everything in front of her looked grey.

She did not know what was going on. Jeremy was so cold-blooded and cruel, but she was still buying time and opportunities for him.

The sky had turned dark and the stars started appearing one by one.

Madeline touched her flat stomach as tears welled up in her eyes.

A maid came over and asked her to have dinner downstairs. Then, she went downstairs and sat down at the dining table inattentively like a robot.

For some reason, this manor had never been so quiet before. Aside from the sound of the maids in the kitchen and the two bodyguards watching the door, it seemed as if she was the only one in this gigantic manor.

Madeline did not have an appetite. She walked into the courtyard and faced the cool breeze. She could not forget what Jeremy said to her when they were outside the operating theatre.

When her heart was hurting, she heard some noises coming from the basement all of a sudden.

She turned around curiously and walked to the door of the basement.

Madeline opened the door quietly, and it was pitch-black inside. When she was about to turn on the lights, something tripped her.

She held out her hand to stop her fall reflexively, but in the darkness, she grabbed a warm hand.

Then, a familiar scent enveloped her. Just like a bewitching potion, it caused her to freeze instantly.

The man held her neck from behind as his lips got close to her ear. His tone was mixed with reluctance and jealousy.

“Eveline Montgomery, tell me who do you love? Why would you run back to Felipe willingly instead of running away with me? Why?”

His voice was so deep but was filled with bias and stubbornness.

Madeline could not control her tears when she recalled how he had k****d their child so cruelly. “Jeremy, do you know what you’re doing? You’re walking right into the trap!”

“Walking right into the trap? Even if I d*e today, I want to ask the woman I love the most whether she loves me or not.” His warm breath sprayed on her cheek as he spoke with a firm attitude.

When he saw Madeline not saying anything, he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes that were filled with resentment and tears. “Eveline, answer me. You accepted me last night, so why did you run back to Felipe now? Why did you give me hope and then take it all away?”

“You’re asking me why? Jeremy Whitman, you’re asking me why?” Madeline’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “You k****d our child and you’re asking me why? I should be the one asking you. Why do you always do such cruel things to me? Is this the love that you talk about?”

“My child?” Jeremy scoffed. “Do you think I don’t know that you’re only saying that to protect Felipe’s child?”

“Jeremy, you…”