Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 834

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 834 – “Jeremy, do you still think you have the chance to get out of here alive?” Felipe’s victorious smile spread across his face gradually.

Jeremy was still calm. “Why don’t we have a little competition? We’ll see who’s faster.”

After he said that, Felipe’s expression changed.

Felipe would not joke about his life, and neither would he take this risk—not when he was going against Jeremy.

While the man was hesitating, Jeremy shot the pistol away from Felipe’s hand.

When the pistol fell, he grabbed it one step ahead of Felipe and pointed it at Felipe’s heart.

The situation changed so quickly that the smirk on Felipe’s face was already gone.

“Tell them to go out,” ordered Jeremy.

Felipe barked his order coldly. “Get out.”

“Mr. Whitman, we—”

“F*ck off!” Jeremy chased them away impatiently.

The bodyguards did not dare to go against his order, so they went out to keep an eye on them.

They figured if Jeremy dared to do something rash, they would fire at the same time. They did not believe that Jeremy would be able to dodge so many bullets at one go.

Now, Jeremy and Felipe were the only ones in the warehouse.

“Are you surprised, Uncle? You didn’t expect me to get the upper hand, huh?”

“Hmph.” Felipe scoffed in disdain. “You won’t get away with this if you dare to touch me.”

“Since I’m already here, I have no plans to get out.” Jeremy was calm, but his gaze was getting colder and colder. There was a biting coldness enveloping his entire body. “Felipe, you’re right. We have to put an end to this.”

“In the past year, you almost caused Grandpa to go into a vegetative state and you also used Eveline’s hatred toward me to devour the entire Whitman Corporation. I still remember all of these.

“When I was still Eveline’s husband, you were already trying to get close to her so you could make her trust and depend on you. I want to thank you for bringing her back to life, but that’s not a reason for you to keep using and possessing her.”

Jeremy’s grip on the trigger tightened slightly while his eyes were filled with an overwhelming dominance.

“Felipe, if one of us has to d*e today, I don’t think it’ll be me. I won’t let Eveline spend the rest of her life alone. She’s still my wife. Her body and her heart can only belong to me.”

What Jeremy meant was clear when he said that, and a flash of panic appeared in Felipe’s eyes.

Jeremy was going to shoot him now.

However, at this moment, the sound of familiar footsteps traveled into Jeremy’s ears from afar.

“Stop it!”

Madeline’s voice reverberated across the warehouse.

Jeremy’s finger loosened, and in the next second, Madeline ran in front of him. She was using her body to shield Felipe.

“Jeremy, if you want to k**l someone, then k**l me.”

Jeremy’s heart fell into an abyss after seeing Madeline’s firm decision in protecting Felipe.

His heart was aching. “Eveline, what are you talking about? You’re even willing to d*e for someone like him?”

Madeline looked into Jeremy’s angry eyes neither obsequiously nor superciliously. Then, she spotted a row of guns aiming at him from the corner of her eyes.

Her heart was beating loudly, but she still said without changing her expression, “I can’t let the child in my stomach be born without a father. So, Jeremy, if you want to shoot, then shoot me.”