Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 825

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 825 – Madeline carried Lillian into the house, but since she had another child in her stomach, she did not carry her for too long. Then, she kissed her on the cheek. “Lily, I’ll make some muffins for you now. Can you come and help me?”


The little girl blinked her crystal-like eyes and followed Madeline into the kitchen.

Jeremy watched from inside his car that was a distance away, looking at Madeline holding a child before walking into the house.

He also saw the sincere smile on Madeline’s face.

When had she ever smiled at him like that?

Jeremy clenched his fingers around the steering wheel as the fire in his eyes b****d brightly.

“I guess I was just overthinking. I had believed myself as infallible when reality has proven to me otherwise. The man you love right now is really him.”

Buzz, buzz.

When Jeremy’s phone rang, he answered it without hesitating.

His assistant, Ken, could be heard talking from the other end. “Mr. Whitman, I just got the news that Felipe’s at the warehouse on Third Street. It seems like he’s handing some goods to someone.”

“Watch him closely. I’ll go over now.” Jeremy hung up the phone and looked at the villa that was in a distance with a sharp gaze. Then, he turned his steering wheel.

Felipe hurried to the warehouse to check the goods.

“Mr. Whitman, the Stygian Johnsons are getting more and more out of hand. They want to take over the trade in the black market as well. I think we have to show them who’s boss,” a thug named Dice said in agitation.

“Yeah, they even asked someone to check the source of your goods. When you were back in Glendale with Miss Eveline, they snatched our business in South America and caused us to lose 50 million dollars!”

“Mr. Whitman, we can’t allow them to just do things their way. Don’t go back to Glendale for the time being as you have to stay here and keep watch. You’re the only one who can keep them under control.”

After Felipe heard that, he took out a gun from the box and gave it a glance. Then, he said calmly, “Check these goods properly and ask more people to keep watch of this warehouse.”

He put down the gun with an ominous look on his handsome face that was completely different from his usual gentlemanly demeanor. “I’ll ask them to give us back the 50 million. You just need to do your jobs.”

“Roger, Mr. Whitman,” answered his subordinates.

Felipe looked at a gentle and quiet young man who was standing at one side calmly. “Go and investigate that woman named Yvette Charis. I have a feeling that this woman is Cathy. Give me an update as soon as possible.”

“Got it, I’ll go look into it now.”

Ken was hiding outside while watching what was going on inside. He had heard everything and also captured the scene on his phone.

When he was about to send the video to Jeremy, one of the bodyguards on patrol noticed him.

“Someone’s videotaping us!”

The moment the person yelled, Felipe and his thugs ran out from the warehouse.

Ken was good at fighting, so he managed to escape from the bodyguard. He walked out of the alley and into the road.

Felipe chased after him, and when he saw that Ken was about to run away from him, he took out his gun without a second thought before firing at Ken after narrowing his eyes.

His aim was precise and Ken’s calf was hit. Blood started pouring out from his wound.

However, Ken did not give in. He continued running while enduring the pain. Felipe pulled the trigger once again with an icy expression on his face.

At this moment, a car appeared at the end of the alley and the door to the passenger seat quickly opened. Without wasting any more time, Ken jumped in.


Felipe’s bullet hit the door, and in the next second, the car disappeared in front of him.

In that instant, he vaguely saw a familiar face.

Felipe curled his lips into a nonchalant smirk. “It’s you.”

“Mr. Whitman, it must be the Stygian Johnsons! I’ll bring our men to smash their place!” Dice roared angrily.

Felipe scoffed and threw his gun back. “I’ll take care of this later. Just do your jobs properly and don’t give me more trouble.”