Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 819

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 819 – “Newlywed couples are indeed so loving.”

His words were like a sharp sword that pierced through Madeline’s heart.

She suppressed herself while her stomach was writhing with acidic j****s. Staring at Jeremy and Yvette who were holding hands, she let out a smile. “Same goes to you, Mr. Whitman. You and your fiancée are also so loving to each other.”

“That’s a given.” Jeremy chuckled. He placed his gaze on Yvette’s soothing and smiling face before saying, “Vetty was the ray of light during the darkest time of my life. I’ll always appreciate her after being lucky enough to meet such a good lady like Vetty in my life.”

“Jeremy, I’m not as good as you say.” Yvette put on a bashful look, leaning against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Oh yeah, hurry and give them our invitation card.”

‘Invitation card?’

Madeline was puzzled. The next moment, she saw Jeremy handing over an invitation card that had been meticulously prepared to her.

“Jeremy and I will be having our engagement ceremony this coming Saturday at the hall of Glendale. I’m looking forward to Uncle and Aunty coming to give your blessings to us.”

Madeline’s eyes sparkled when she took over the invitation card.

‘They’re really going to be engaged.’

“Eveline and I will be there on time.” Felipe took the invitation card and promised while smiling. His bottomless black eyes were looking at Yvette’s delighted face.

He was experiencing a deja vu. His calm composure was once again disrupted as his heart started pounding.

Yvette noticed Felipe’s gaze and looked straight into his eyes. “May I know why is Mr. Whitman looking at me this way?”

“You really look familiar,” Felipe answered straightforwardly.

“Oh really? Maybe it’s because I have a common face, so that’s why Mr. Whitman finds me familiar.” Yvette let out a smile, then grabbed Jeremy’s hand. “Let’s go, Jeremy. Come, accompany me to choose a wedding gown.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Jeremy lifted his head with a smile and allowed Yvette to continue holding onto his hand as they spun around.

From the way Jeremy looked at Yvette, Madeline could tell that Jeremy was treating her sincerely.

‘He’s not putting up an act. He’s treating Yvette sincerely.

‘He’s really in love with another woman.’

Madeline felt a pinch in her heart. Unable to suppress the acid reflux in her stomach, she covered her mouth and retched.

Felipe retrieved his gaze from Yvette and walked to Madeline’s side worryingly. “I think it’s best to pay the hospital a visit.”

After Jeremy got into the car, he witnessed the intimate behavior shown by Madeline and Felipe through the rear-view mirror. He felt suffocated and reached out for his phone to call Madeline.

Madeline was still suffering from severe morning sickness when she suddenly received Jeremy’s call. She beamed at Felipe, trying to hold on to the urge of vomiting. She then answered the call. “Is there anything, Mr. Whitman?”

“Remember to design our wedding rings properly. It’s alright if you can’t finish it before the engagement, but you have to complete it before the actual wedding ceremony.”


‘He’s calling just to remind me to design his wedding rings.

‘You’re really eager, Jeremy.’

Madeline smiled to herself and said with a composed tone, “Rest assured, Mr. Whitman. As long you don’t make that ludicrous request, I’ll try my best to complete the design as soon as possible.”

“That’s a relief to hear.”

Before Madeline could speak another word, Jeremy hung up the call.

Upon returning to the office, Madeline immediately took up the pencil and started designing.

However, a day had passed and she failed to come up with a satisfactory design.

Her mind was flooding with images of Jeremy treating Yvette warmly.

Madeline picked up the engagement invitation card. Flipping it open, she saw the names of the bride and groom which were extremely eye-piercing.

Thinking back to the day in F Country when the streets were full of snow, Jeremy had discarded all his dignity and got down on his knees before her, pleading miserably, “Linnie, please give me another chance.”

However, she had chased him away mercilessly. “Get lost! I don’t want to see you anymore.”

She could still vividly recall the hopeless look in Jeremy’s eyes.