Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 814

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 814 – Rain droplets were seen dropping from the sky outside the window, but to him, it was like a heavy downpour.

“I just got up here and saw her looking very down as she made her way out from here. Did something just happen?” Yvette set foot into the study room. Looking worried, she walked to Jeremy who was not speaking a single word. “Are you alright?”

“She said she hates me, to a point she wishes for me to be d**d.” Jeremy raised his pair of orbs that were reddened. His eyes were brewing with dissatisfaction and sorrow as he said, “She’s pregnant with Felipe’s kid. It seems like she really doesn’t love me anymore.”

“Perhaps she has her hardship that she can’t speak off.” Yvette comforted.

“What sort of hardship will make her willing to order so many people to k**l me?” Jeremy smirked. He then turned around and added, “That day in F Country, if it hadn’t been for you, I might already be d**d.”

“I was saving myself while rescuing you at the same time.” Yvette let out a smile. “They might be leaving already. Do you want to see her off?”

“What’s the point of doing so? She doesn’t even want to take a glance at me.” Jeremy chuckled. “You should go. You might want to meet him.”

Speechless, Yvette stared at Jeremy before heading downstairs.

Seeing that Madeline and Felipe were about to leave, Yvette went over with a smile. “Jeremy is drunk and is resting in the room. I’ll take over his place and see you two off.”

Madeline had already spun around but quickly turned back when she heard Yvette’s voice.

Once again, she found the face very familiar but just could not figure out who she was.

Felipe looked at Yvette almost absentmindedly.

However, he did not comment. Instead, he grabbed onto Madeline’s waist and spun around.

Silently, Yvette watched as the towering silhouette left with her lips curled.

‘You’re right, Felipe. We have met each other before.

‘It turns out that you’re still able to sense some familiar feelings from this face of mine. Should I be grateful that I’m still living in your memories?’

Initially, Felipe thought of bringing Madeline over to Whitman Manor, all just to anger Jeremy. However, he doubted himself whether he had accomplished what he intended to do.

Especially after meeting that woman named Yvette Charis.

Madeline wanted to head back to Montgomery Manor, and he gave the green light. He ordered the chauffeur to send Madeline back first while he would return to the villa.

However, after returning, his mind was flooded with Yvette’s familiar smile.

Sitting in front of the study desk, he stared at the hairband that was around his wrist while the sense of loneliness grew stronger within him.


He whispered the name as his eyes gave off a much more soothing vibe without him realizing it.

At that moment, he kept finding himself thinking back to the woman who was long ago wiped out from his world. He was unsure of the reason as well.

He booted up the computer, searched for the CCTV tape of the study, and screened through each of them.

As he wished, Cathy did appear in the tapes.

Back then, she would always make him tea at the same time each day, deliver him desserts, and would constantly stare at him while expressing her love for him.

In the tapes, she appeared lively as well.

Subconsciously, Felipe raised his hand and touched the woman on the screen gently. However, the cold screen made his heart slowly go cold as well.

“You’re smart, Cathy, for using this method to make me unable to forget about you forever.”

He let out a bitter smile. He thought none of this would bother him, yet he was feeling utterly heartbroken.

Felipe did not intend to be influenced by such a feeling any longer. He wanted to shut off the CCTV and stop himself from looking at it. Just then, he caught a glimpse of the scene on the computer. He witnessed a scene that left him dumbfounded…