Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 813

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 813 – Madeline saw a touch of aggressive dominance and strength in Jeremy’s eyes.

She was worried that he would go out of control and do something to the child in her womb.

“Jeremy, you said that we’ve cleared everything up between the two of us. Since you don’t love me anymore, stop pestering me.” Madeline reminded him and struggled to break free from his grasp at the same time.

However, the man curled his thin lips into a wide and handsome smile.

“Why are you so afraid of me? Are you afraid that I’ll eat you up?”

The scent of wine that he carried on him blew toward her cheeks, making Madeline’s ears become hot as she put her hand on her chest.

She was a little flustered but tried very hard to calm her emotions to face him with a cold front.

“Jeremy, please remember who you are to me. I’m your uncle’s wife, which makes me your aunt…”

“Shut your lips, Eveline Montgomery.” He suddenly interrupted in a cold tone as he referred her to her full name.

“Eveline, what’s the matter with you? Have you forgotten what Felipe did? Have you forgotten how he k****d Lillian? How can you register for marriage with him? How can you sleep in the same bed with him and even get pregnant with his child?! Have you gone mad?!”

His emotions were all over the place, and Madeline got a headache from his recurring loud questions.

In a panic, she raised her hand and hit Jeremy in his face.

With a slap, the man was stunned.

“You’re the one who has gone mad, Jeremy.” Madeline suppressed the pain in her heart and stared at him coldly. “Jeremy, you said you don’t love me anymore. Since you don’t love me anymore, just leave me alone!”

She clenched her fists and suppressed the grievances she felt in her heart. “Have a good life with your fiancée. You have no say in whoever I end up with or whoever’s kids I bear. You can live a new life and start over. Why should you bother with which man I s********h every night…”

Jeremy could not bear listening to what Madeline was saying at that moment. He suddenly lowered his head and his thin lips latched onto hers, forcefully pushing her to a corner.

Everything happened all of a sudden and Madeline was not prepared for it. She was then forcefully kissed by Jeremy.

He held her cheeks and released his lips slightly as he narrowed his magnetic eyes.

“Stop talking. I don’t want to hear it anymore,” he whispered softly as the scent of wine fell on her lips. “Eveline, if this is what you want as your revenge, you’ve succeeded.”

Jeremy’s bewitching round eyes looked at Madeline’s stubborn ones.

“Do you still hate me?”

Madeline sneered coldly, “Yes, I still hate you.”

“Do you hate me so much that you wish I was d**d?”

Madeline put her foot down and said, “Yes, I can’t wait for you to d*e.”

“Heh.” Jeremy smiled bitterly as his eyes looked stern. He stared at Madeline’s contemptuous look for him. He kissed her on the lips again.

Madeline tried to push him, but her hands were held back by his hand.

His body pressed closer to hers. Madeline wanted to escape but was locked in his strong and warm embrace.

Madeline initially wanted to resist him, but Jeremy’s increasingly crazed push made her a little dazed—a little addicted. She almost forgot that she was surrounded by surveillance and could not express her true feelings.

However, Jeremy was already sinking and depraved. His palm slipped into her clothes and touched her skin. He felt as if every cell in his body was in flames.

On the other hand, his touch made Madeline tremble and shudder. She suddenly returned to her senses. She finally realized that Jeremy’s k**s was getting more and more wrong.

She pushed him away in a panic and slapped him again. “Jeremy! You’ve really gone mad! Don’t push me!”

Madeline hurriedly adjusted her clothes and tidied up her messy hair before quickly leaving the study.

Jeremy turned his face sideways and could not feel the pain on his face. The only pain he felt was in his heart.