Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 800

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 800 – This elegant and delicate little face had become even more tender and exquisite.

Her pretty little nose and tiny cherry-blossom pink mouth all had the shadows of Jeremy’s features.

Lillian was all smiles, blinking her eyes as she walked toward Felipe. “Dad!”

Felipe reached out and stroked Lillian’s small head. “Good girl.”

Madeline frowned a little, wanting to take Lillian away and tell her that he was not her father.

However, she was afraid of scaring Lillian.

After all, Lillian was only four years old.

Unlike her brother, she had grown up in a sheltered environment ever since she was a child—just like an innocent, oblivious little princess. At this age, she was not able to understand the adult world.

Madeline really wanted to take Lillian away, but the security measures here were too tight.

Felipe would take Madeline to see Lillian every day, and sometimes, he would reluctantly agree to let Madeline stay. There was always someone on guard outside the room, however.

A few days later, Madeline saw the news on the television.

It was said that a car had exploded in the suburbs. The car was b****d till only its frame was left and the driver was nowhere to be found. They found the car as it was before it b****d down.

Madeline was shocked to discover that this was the car Jeremy had been driving that day!

He had a car accident?!

Although the news said the driver was not in the car, Madeline was still worried.

That night, she had a nightmare. She dreamt that Jeremy was covered in blood and scars while standing in front of her. His gaze was still affectionate, but it looked very hurt. He asked her, “Linnie, do you really not love me anymore? Do you really hate me so much that you wish I’d d*e?”

Madeline woke up from the dream. She could not call Jeremy or the people around him to ask about the situation. She could only call Ava and mentioned Jeremy in passing.

Ava had never liked Jeremy, so she said indifferently, “Oh, that scumbag. Some said he has gone to M Nation to discuss business.”

If the news was true, then he should be safe and sound. Madeline heaved a sigh of relief.

Madeline had to stay in F Country and pretend to be a loving couple with Felipe in the eyes of outsiders for Lillian.

However, ever since the first time, Felipe had not asked Madeline to s********h him again. He also seemed to be busy with important things.

Madeline could see Lillian every day, but Felipe would have someone pick her up before an hour passed.

In her free time, Madeline either designed or concocted perfume. Unknowingly, the weather had warmed up, but her heart was still cold.

She missed Jeremy so, so much.

She still knew nothing about him, only that he seemed to have actually gone to M Nation.

Time passed silently for three months. Madeline had just met with Lillian that day, and unexpectedly, Felipe came to pick her up in person.

On the way, Felipe answered his phone. After he hung up, he looked at Madeline who was looking out the car window. “There’s an important bidding project in Glendale. You’ll go back with me tomorrow.”

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing it, but her expression was impassive. “You want me to follow you back to Glendale?”

“You’re my wife. I certainly hope you can share the joy of a successful bidding with me.”

“Wife?” Madeline chuckled. “Do I have the right to refuse?”

Although she said that, Madeline could not deny that she also wanted to return to Glendale.

At least, she wanted to confirm that Jeremy was indeed safe and sound.

The next afternoon.

Madeline took the plane with Felipe and arrived at Glendale three hours later.

Felipe immediately ordered people to style Madeline for the banquet they were attending that night.

As soon as the sky darkened, Felipe took Madeline to the most luxurious hotel in Glendale, which was also the six-star hotel under Whitman Corporation.

Madeline wore a long black dress and walked on her high heels beside Felipe with an aloof temperament.

She was like a black rose that bloomed at midnight. She was a stunner with an incomparable beauty that was reflected in pairs and pairs of astonished eyes.

However, Madeline did not want to simply linger around. She wanted to inquire about Jeremy’s situation.

She excused herself to the bathroom and left Felipe’s sight, but Felipe’s bodyguards still followed her.

Madeline felt annoyed. She quickened her steps and slipped through the crowd, wanting to avoid the bodyguards’ surveillance. As she was walking a little too quickly, she accidentally stepped on the hem of her dress with her high heels.

Madeline thought that she was going to fall when she suddenly took in a whiff of a familiar cedar fragrance. A man’s warm arms hugged her waist tightly.

This smell and hug plucked at Madeline’s heartstrings reflexively.

She instinctively grabbed the man’s arm and looked up. She immediately saw the man’s graceful face.

“Mrs. Whitman, it’s been a while.”