Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 799

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 799 – A sharp pain stemmed from the wound and started to spread.

Jeremy glanced at the bleeding wound, unmoving. His head was filled with Madeline’s cold and resolute eyes and words. His gaze gradually changed.

‘Linnie, you really don’t love me anymore.

‘You don’t love me anymore.

‘You hate me now.

‘You even hate me so much that you don’t want to see me in this world again.’

Jeremy gripped the steering wheel tightly, blue veins popping on the back of his fair hands.

Seeing the men rushing toward him, Jeremy raised his m*******s and sinister eyes before slamming his foot on the accelerator.

The bodyguards in front of him were knocked into the air. After getting up shakily, they immediately drove to chase after Jeremy.

Jeremy was not familiar with the roads in F Country and unknowingly drove into the secluded suburbs.

The loss of blood made his face pale gradually. His body had also become colder and even his vision began to blur.

“Linnie…” he muttered Madeline’s name as if he could see Madeline smiling in front of him.

Her smile was like a flower while her dimples were intoxicatingly sweet. She yelled softly at him, “Jeremy, I lied to you. I love you! How could I not love you?”


Jeremy raised his blood-stained palm to touch his illusory fantasy. Suddenly, the car hit the tree head-on, creating a violent crashing sound.

Felipe’s bodyguards had lost him, but when they heard the c***h, they immediately turned the steering wheel.

They searched for the sound, and when they were almost there, they heard a violent explosion.

A raging fire appeared in front of them, and when they took a closer look, they found that the explosion came from the car Jeremy was driving.

Jeremy was severely injured and had slammed into a tree unconsciously. Then, the car exploded.

How could it be possible to survive this?

The bodyguards immediately reported the good news to Felipe and recorded a short video of the scene of the car accident and explosion.

Felipe had just arrived at the destination with Madeline when he saw the news from the bodyguards.

However, he did not think it would be so easy for Jeremy to d*e. He asked his bodyguards to confirm the situation and immediately took Madeline into the modernly decorated courtyard in front of him.

Madeline’s feelings were very perturbed and complicated along the way.

She wanted to see Lilian but was also very worried about Jeremy.

He had suffered a gunshot wound and his hand was bleeding so much. She did not know if he had gone to seek medical treatment in time.

She also did not know if he was still stubbornly thinking about following her.

She was concerned about Jeremy when she suddenly heard a beeping sound. She returned to her senses and looked over, a little surprised.

The gates of this courtyard had to be unlocked by scanning one’s pupils before entering, which showed how strict Felipe’s safety measures were.

It seemed that wanting to take Lilian away was not that simple.

Felipe seemed to see through what Madeline was thinking. “As long as you don’t leave me, you can see Lilian every day. Our family of three can live a happy life.”

“Family of three? Lilian and I are not your family,” Madeline said coldly. She stepped forward to walk in but found that there was another door inside which required fingerprints to unlock.

It seemed that Felipe regarded Lilian as the most valuable chess piece, so he was watching over her so tightly.

“Eveline, don’t try to take Lilian away. There are people watching Lilian’s every move round the clock. There’s no way you can take her away.”

“Felipe, you’re more shrewd than I thought.”

“Shrewdness is not judged like this. Eveline, you and I are not children. In the adult world, there is no innocence and naivety.” Felipe lifted the corners of his lips impassively. That paradoxical smile of his no longer held the warmth of a gentleman.

Madeline was about to refute Felipe’s words when she suddenly heard a sweet and clear voice.


Madeline whipped her head and saw Lilian leaping toward her. Her eyes were astringent. She hurriedly crouched down and brought the little cutie into her arms.


Madeline could not hold back her tears. Feeling the child’s warm touch, the crack in her heart was finally healed.

“Mommy, you finally came to see me. Lily missed you!”

“I missed you too. I missed you so, so much…” Madeline tightened her embrace and quietly wiped her tears.

She let go of her arms and looked at the little face carefully.

The little cutie seemed to have grown a lot after not seeing her for a while.