Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 793

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 793 – He approached her menacingly. As he pressed Madeline firmly under him, his strong aura enveloped and trapped her.

However, Madeline did not panic. She grabbed Felipe’s hand calmly and glared at him with a sharp gaze.

“Felipe, will you only be satisfied after you completely overturn my impression of you?

“If you think that you’ve won Jeremy by getting me this way, then let me tell you this. You will never defeat him. Because I’ve loved him ever since the start. I have only had him as the man in my heart!”

Felipe tightened his thin lips and his eyebrows furrowed even more as he listened to Madeline’s words.

Seeing Felipe a little lost in his thoughts, Madeline pushed him away with all her might.

Felipe returned to his senses immediately. He quickly grabbed Madeline’s waist and pushed her under him again. “I won’t give Jeremy the opportunity to have you again. Eveline, you are mine.”

His eyes turned red as if he had become a demon that had lost its rationality. Regardless of Madeline’s wishes, he tore her coat open and lowered his head to her face.

“Don’t touch me, Felipe! You’ve really gone mad!” Madeline resisted him with all her might.
Amidst the chaos, she accidentally pulled on the hairband around Felipe’s wrist.

Felipe seemed to be stunned when he saw the mint green hairband.

Madeline immediately clenched her collar together tightly and got out of Felipe’s imprisoning embrace.

Hearing the hurried footsteps of Madeline escaping the scene, Felipe then slowly recovered his senses.

However, instead of stopping Madeline, he sat on the bed and looked at the hairband in a daze.

He lifted his eyes and saw the group photo on the bedside table. Somehow, his heart started to ache.

He suddenly realized that he was feeling a little unused to it. He was unused to not seeing the girl who said that she liked him and who would come to comfort him when he was in a bad mood.

Cathy would always be the first to appear every time he was in a bad mood. She would go against his eyes that were filled with disgust and rejection, approaching him with a smile on her face.

“Why did you have to look for d***h? Why on earth?” Felipe closed his eyes. ‘You said you’d stay with me for the rest of my life. Why did you give up halfway?’

He asked himself but could not get the answer no matter what.

A day later.

Madeline followed Felipe to Glendale Airport.

She was doing so because she had no choice, but there was still a hint of joy and happiness in her heart.

It was because Lilian really was alive.

Her daughter with Jeremy was not d**d.

Felipe walked away when they were in the VIP lounge. There were two bodyguards supervising the video call between Madeline and Lilian.

Meanwhile, Jeremy had found out that Madeline was about to board the plane and leave that day, so he hurried to her along with Jackson.

When he arrived not far from the VIP lounge, he saw Madeline talking to someone with a bright smile.

Jeremy’s heart suddenly twitched when he saw clearly the joy and happiness on Madeline’s face that came from the bottom of her heart.

There was no look of helplessness from being forced or threatened on her face, only a beaming smile.

‘Linnie, are you really that happy?

‘For all those days and even our show of love that night, was it all just to make me feel sad now?

“Dad, why aren’t we moving anymore? Mom is right in that room.” Jackson pointed to the VIP lounge.

Jeremy still did not want to believe it, so he strode toward the lounge.

The moment he reached the door, he was stopped by Felipe who had appeared all of a sudden.

When the bodyguards inside heard the noise, they immediately cut off the video call between Madeline and Lilian.

Madeline did not know what was going on outside, but she heard Jeremy’s voice.

Her heartbeat was in disarray. She wanted to go out but was stopped by the bodyguard.