Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 792

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 792 – “Eveline, we understand that you have resentment toward us in your heart, but Jeremy truly—”

“If both of you really see me as your daughter, don’t stop me. What Jeremy is getting now is the consequence of his actions. He didn’t give me any chances when threw me to h**l back then, so whatever I’m doing now is just a payback to him. The more miserable he is now, the more satisfied I will be!”

After speaking these words, Madeline pulled her suitcase along and left.

Jeremy looked at the already distant figure as he stood at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor. The light in his eyes was instantly extinguished and replaced by a dark surge.

Madeline had no choice but to move into Felipe’s villa.

In these two days, everything was stable and Felipe did not do anything to her.

She also found out that Felipe would go to Cathy’s room every night to sleep and would only come out late the next day.

Madeline found it a little strange. As such, she entered Cathy’s room and saw the group photo on the bedside table.

She felt truly upset. Cathy had actually committed s*****e.

How could that be?

Before Cathy left that day, she clearly said that Felipe had agreed to let her date the boy she liked. As such, should she not have been very happy?

No, she was not happy.

Madeline thought of Cathy’s expression the other day.

Her eyes were red. She had been crying in secret.

Madeline picked up the photo and looked at the dimpled girl in the photo with a happy and sweet smile. Madeline suddenly thought of something as she looked at Cathy’s smiling eyes.

“Could it be that the person Cathy liked was Felipe…”

Right at the moment she had this guess, she felt someone approaching behind her.

Madeline turned around and saw Felipe standing behind her.

“You’ve guessed it right. She liked me.”

She did not expect Felipe to admit it so openly. Madeline put down the frame and said, “It turns out that the person Cathy liked was you. Her pregnancy back then… The child in her belly belonged to you?”

Felipe frowned. While it was unidentifiable whether he was dissatisfied or not, Madeline heard him reply coldly, “So what if it was? Neither the child nor Cathy exist in this world anymore anyway.”

Madeline was really shocked when she received such an answer, but what was even more unexpected was that Felipe had said those words with such an indifferent attitude.

“Huh.” Madeline smiled, pitying Cathy. “Do all children and grandchildren of the Whitman family like to hurt the person who loves them most?”

“It was merely her wishful thinking. She was the one who took the initiative to climb into my bed. I never forced her.”

“Yes, it’s always the women who are cheap. It’s our fault that we’re blind, causing us to fall in love with self-righteous men like all of you!” Madeline felt ridiculed. “Felipe, you keep saying you like me, yet on the other hand, you have let down and hurt the person who truly loved you. This proves to me more you don’t love me. If you really love me, you would never have treated Cathy like that.”

Madeline glared at him furiously, but when she passed by Felipe, she got pulled back by him.

He seemed to have been touched on his sore spot as a raging storm appeared in his eyes. His eyes then reddened. “Who says I don’t love you? It’s because I love you too much that I’ve become so obsessed and paranoid to this point. Eveline, you say I don’t love you? I’ll prove it to you now just how much I love you!”

As he said this, he used his brute force to throw Madeline, who had been caught off guard, onto the bed. Ignoring Madeline’s resistance, he started to lean over and press his body onto hers.