Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 791

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 791 – Seeing his appearance, Madeline then realized that she had forgotten to lock the door.

While Jeremy walked up to her in an awe-inspiring manner, Madeline did not manage to clean up the tears that overflowed from the corner of her eyes. Her wrist was then held by the man.

“Jeremy, stop touching me! Let go of me!”

“What’s really going on?” Jeremy approached closer and asked. Although there was still sadness on his face, his eyes that were looking at her were still patient and gentle. “Linnie, please tell me.”

Madeline sneered with disdain. “I’ve already said what I have to say, Jeremy. Sober up, please. Think about what you did to me. Do you really think that I’d still love you? I didn’t know that you’d have such a naive moment,” she said with a mocking tone and left immediately after speaking.

Jeremy held in the increasingly violent feeling of heartache. He pulled Madeline back in front of him and stared at her with his scarlet sharp eyes.

“Linnie, if these are your true thoughts, you wouldn’t be hiding here and crying alone now.”

“Yes, I am crying, but it’s because I was feeling just a little bit reluctant to leave Jackson. Do you actually think that I’m crying because of you?” she retorted sarcastically. Then, she curled her lips and smiled like a blooming flower instead. “Jeremy, you’re really pitiful. The way you look now is so much alike to me back then. How is it? Does it feel uncomfortable to be played by your beloved? Does your heart hurt a lot? Have you tasted the pain of having thousands of ants biting at your heart?”

Madeline raised her cold and arrogant eyes slightly. Her gaze was belittling, but her smile was bright and moving. Then, her fingertips fell on his delicate cheeks.

“Tsk, your miserable look is really distressing, Mr. Whitman, but it’s a pity that I’m really happy looking at you like this… Mmpf!”

Without letting Madeline continue her words, Jeremy grabbed the back of Madeline’s head and kissed her lips fiercely.

Madeline was dumbfounded for a moment, and before she could resist, Jeremy had pinned her against the wall.

His k**s was sudden and domineering. While Madeline was not paying attention, he started to a****k the area beyond her lips.

Madeline returned to her senses the moment she thought of Lilian whose location was still unknown. She had no other choice but to do her best to break free from Jeremy.

However, his strength was great. He had obviously been triggered by her words and his state at this moment was extremely obsessive.

Madeline almost could not catch her breath, but he did not suffocate her. The gradually deepening k**s also made Madeline slowly give up on resisting. She unconsciously began to indulge in it a little, even closing her eyes in a daze to respond to the k**s.

Her body began to be guided by her feelings, approaching him uncontrollably.

Jeremy felt Madeline’s submission. He opened his slender eyes and glanced at her. A deeper and possessive gaze had risen from the base of his eyes.

He stretched out his hand to take off her clothes. Madeline came back to her senses all of a sudden after feeling a hint of coolness.

She made a cruel decision and bit on Jeremy’s lips.

The taste of blood spread across each other’s lips. While Jeremy was surprised, Madeline took the opportunity to push him away and slapped him in the face.

She looked at the man who had his face turned away and pretended to be angry. “Jeremy, you really are something. You treated me like this regardless of my wishes when I loved you and now that I no longer love you anymore, you still treat me like this. Do you really see me as your plaything?”

Jeremy closed his eyes and turned his depressed-looking handsome face away. With his eyes full of visible pain, he asked, “Why? Why do you give me hope first and then disappoint me afterward? Linnie, please don’t be like this. You said you didn’t hate me anymore. You said you’d give me another chance.”

Madeline wiped the bloodstains on her lips with her fingers as if she could care less and sneered at him with the most indifferent gaze. She then proceeded to walk into the dressing room, quickly packing a few sets of daily clothes and necessities before turning away.

Eloise was wandering anxiously in the living room. Sean had hurried back at this moment.

Seeing Madeline pulling her suitcase, about to leave, the couple became even more anxious. “Eveline, do you really want to leave?”

Madeline put on a ruthless mask. “Why should I not leave? Should I stay here and live with the people who have hurt me?”